How Donald Trump Leveraged Social Media?

I would like to relate the Presidential Elections of 2016 to the introduction that we reviewed in class with the Lippmann article on the Island. My essay is geared toward the media being one-sided most of the time without publishing the truth to the publics. During the Presidential elections of 2016 the mass media favored Hillary Clinton over President Donald Trump due to the biased attitude Trump had in most of his news publications. More than 200 newspapers favored Clinton while Trump had fewer than 20 newspapers that supported his campaign positively BBC News, ( 2016).

As the media lashed out against Trump the public’s opinion was focused on everything negative towards him or whatever we wanted to believe about the incoming President that confused us all during that time. As Lippmann, points out in his book the news may begin with the media, but its destination was in the islander’s perception of their lifestyle working together. As we learned during this particular Presidential election the mass media leads us to the propaganda.

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They know that people want to hear information that will boost their ratings which are targeted towards negativity or exciting news stories such as Trumps attitude.

As journalism had begun to fail highlighting positive information many journalists found themselves at a complete defeat. Even after spending months attempting to destroy Trumps gainful recognitions to become the President of the United States the success of Trumps election left many journalists in complete aww. Trumps tweets clearly identified his objectives that were clearly understood by his followers and his political goals won the interest of many across the globe.

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The Washington Times, for example, distinguished that Trump was imperfect, and they fully acknowledged his vulgar comments and coarseness.

The media portrays our public opinions but the truth can be hidden within information that we may never know until it’s too late. Often more than not the media publishes a one sided story without allowing a public opinion to formulate by absolute facts. As the President quickly learned to leverage online news sources he used social media to deter his control towards a new direction which included the term, “Crooked Hillary”.

As the islanders of Englishmen, Frenchman, and Germans lived on the island in Lippmann’s article we are many times left without knowing the truth about even our Presidential candidate’s. As the modern media compares to the British mail steamer in Lippmann’s article, Trumps success is a sign that our media is failing to communicate the truth. This truth is needed to generate the necessary change that formulates our Public Opinions. Today’s media outlets are much faster than the old British mail steamer, but the effects of today’s media still has an effect on how we formulate our thoughts and opinions about particular subject matters. On many occasions people opinions across the nation feels like Trump should stop tweeting so many of his thoughts on Twitter, but he continues to do so.

President Obama once said that he would not close his Twitter account when he arrived into the White House during 2008. My question for the public is; “Are we at a social media era of how politicians can gain our opinions nationwide rather than taking the negative interpretations of how President Trump utilizes Twitter versus our traditional media? I would like to think that the president has simply learned about a new way to communicate as a leader which can be viewed as a productive form of effective leadership from the previous century.

President Trump’s speeches are references to dozens of stories that are dismissed by most mainstream Medias, but have enthusiastic support in the growing world of alternative news sources. Research on the charisma in leaders links the manifestation to behaviors that are associated with a better level of role modeling, higher self-confidence, and the capability to communicate high expectations to their followers. James McGregor Burns, the American Scholar and political scientist, always ask us to think about how a leader’s communication influences our opinions.

Motivational principles encourage followers to buy in to a vision of the future that is high-minded and that taps into these followers’ best instincts (Burns, 1978). As this article clearly highlights leadership has taken a different role than ever before with social media and communication concepts of how our news media publishes information today. The media plays a significant role on how we receive our information and social media has evolved into more of a two-way communication solution versus only one-way communications with television broadcastings. People seem to search for public news more than ever before as President Trump learned how to release his political objectives on Twitter. With people searching for constant news feeds we are evolving at a rapid pace to relinquish how our public opinions are formed in the twenty-first century.


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