How Does Texting Affect Our Lives?

I found myself when writing essays writing how text. I use a lot of shortcuts when writing; Instead of me writing the word” you” I would write “u”. This affects the way I write tremendously at times. It’s the new technology that’s doing this. My mother has witnessed more than one group of e-mailers go spiraling down into a full blown argument fueled by their thumbs of quickly expressed words of stupidity, when a simple phone call or physical meeting would have resulted in a much more civilized result.

People have taken a lot of shortcuts in life through texting. Some can’t live without it.

Texting ruins our ability to concentrate on one thing at a time? For example, a personal gripe of mine has to do with people texting while I am trying to tell them something, causing them to look up and say, “wait, huh? “, and it is all too common. What happens when the ability to drive is hindered? Just ask the parents of one of our graduating seniors last year, who lost his life while texting and driving in his vehicle; unfortunately incidents such as these are not isolated.

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This is why it is illegal to drive while texting. Talking on the phone while driving is one thing, at least you are looking straight head.

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How Does Texting Affect Our Lives?

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