How does Send A Cow? Essay

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How does Send A Cow?

Advertising is to persuade people to buy their product or in this case encouraging people to send money to help its charity. However to persuade people isn’t that easy, you have to use the correct wording, and things such as power of three, alliteration in order to persuade that customer/person. In this advertisement many of these things are used. They really make you want to send a donation. They make you feel really sorry for those children in Africa, Kenya and Uganda. In the 1st paragraph they use of three “poverty, hunger and malnutrition” these three words a summary of what is East Africa.

“You might think nothing will change”, this is short sentence suggesting that we are hopeless but right after that they us short snappy sentences such as “But it can. And it does” that really persuades us to supports its cause because if they say that we can help, everyone will want to. In the 2nd paragraph, they really want to tell us that Africa needs help. They really make the situation look atrocious. “Any produce that is surplus to the needs to the family-milk, meat, vegetables etc – is sold for cash. Even the animal waste has several uses.

” When you read this, it makes you want to really help them because they inform you that they have nothing. They have to use animal waste for thing such as ” converting it to cooking fuel; to enrich the soil and used in the production of pesticides” while we just flush it down the toilet, as it is nothing to us. In paragraph 3, there is more information. They quote “there are no state benefits or National Health Service and schooling is seldom free so if you have no income your poverty is absolute”. Schools and National Health Service are normal here, in rich countries, but for them it isn’t.

They make you think about how fortunate we are. They make you feel guilty in some way. Livestock development leads to people development and passing on the gift is all about how we can help. They simply say that sending animals and other helpful things can really make a difference to these people lives, and this is what generous people want to do. It say’s ” To be able to help where once you could only receive it restores dignity, a sense of self worth, and a fundamental change in your perspective on life itself”.

It is persuading by making think that if we support the cause we will feel good inside because you helping deprived people. In Education and Development they are putting the reader into the position of someone in Africa. They are asking us how would you feel. This really makes you think about those people that have no choice. “In what we call the ‘developed world’ we have so much choice set out before us”. They make us realize that they are absolutely wright. “Goods ranging from food to computers, that we hardly imagine what it is like to have no choice”.

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