How does Samuel present relationship between mother and daughters Essay

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How does Samuel present relationship between mother and daughters

Samuel uses different methods to present the relationship between mothers and daughters in kinder transport. She uses parallel narratives, time slips to show the different ways each mother treats their daughter and vice versa. She also uses objects to shows how strong their relationships are, stage directions and also characters such as the ratcatcher to show the relationships between them.

Eva starts off by calling her biological mother ‘mutti’ which shows that she considers her mother a very reliable, strong and important person in her life. This shows that Eva respects her mother and loves her mother. However towards the end of play Eva refers to her mother as that ‘German woman’. This instantly shows us the audience that Eva does not consider Helga her mother anymore and is just a stranger she use to know. Eva goes further than that and proves the point to use the audience that she doesn’t consider her someone important to remember in her life as she isn’t sure ‘she had lived her’ which automatically makes us now that the relationship between Helga and Eva is no more and that it wasn’t as strong as they thought as does not think she is significant.

Before Eva leaves for London she is given ‘a gold watch’ by her biological mother Helga. This shows that Helga had thought about all the different scenarios that could happen to her daughter that she loves and cares about Eva. As Gold is a rare metal it is worth a lot of money and so it is valuable and so Helga giving Eva this watch is a way of telling Eva not to forget about her as she is worth remembering and also is a back up plan invade something terrible happens to Eva and she needs money. However when Eva begins to mature and gets into her teenage years she starts to understand the situation she is in better.

As a regular teenager always thinks of a way to make money Eva looks at the ‘gold watch’ as a source of money instead of piece of jewellery that should mean a lot to her as it was given to her by her mother. Eva then goes on to asking Lil ‘how much d’you think they’re worth’ this could mean anything as Eva could be referring to the relationship she had with her biological mother Helga and trying to save it by holding onto the ‘gold watch’ and having hope that her mother would come back and then they could restore their relationship and mother and daughter or this could mean that Eva is tired of holding onto her mother and believes that she is not important to her life resulting to her wanting to selling it.

Samuel uses the significance of their names as a way of showing the relationship between Helga and Eva, Evelyn and Faith and also Eva and Evelyn. Before Eva had left for London Helga had hinted to Eva that she can take care of herself without her as she says ‘See. You don’t need me’. This shows is the audience that Helga would like Eva to take care of herself and be a mother figure to herself if anything bad where to happen. Evelyn reassure Eva that the rat catcher would not come when Eva says ‘ hell cut off my nose’ and Evelyn reassures herself by saying ‘he’s not coming’. This shows us that Helga wish has come true as Evelyn is taking care of Eva as a mother would take care of their daughter showing that Evelyn might be vulnerable but when it comes to reassuring herself and making everything better she can do that. As Eva had changed her name to Evelyn because she wanted a ‘English name’ she has changed into a new person and is no more the young Jewish girl who moved to Manchester but now she is a English girl who lives in Manchester. Because of this the audience will no that the relationship between Helga and Eva will not work out again as she is no more Eva.

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