How does reflect through history, invention, society and the Arts? Essay

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How does reflect through history, invention, society and the Arts?

The unifying theme of this period is colonialism and emerging trends. This was the time where Napoleon Bonaparte gained so much power and recognition throughout the world whereas he was feared by men. In relation to invention, there were new great inventors like Alesssandro Volta for the battery, Jacquard Loom for calculator/computer, and Oliver Evans for the refrigerator. During this era, artists like Ludwig van Beethoven, Theodore Gericault, Alans Wordsworth and Jane Austen became famous. Their works are still known until today. A neoclassical architectural style also existed in this period.

The Cathedral of Vilnius, conceptualized and put into existence by Laurynas Gucevicius, is an example. Neoclassical Architecture has some features that are the same with the Late Baroque architecture. However, its emphasis is its planar qualities, rather than sculptural volumes. Projections and recessions and their effects of light and shade are flatter; sculptural bas-reliefs are flatter and tend to be enframed in friezes, tablets or panels. Its clearly articulated individual features are isolated rather than interpenetrating, autonomous and complete in themselves.

International neoclassical architecture was exemplified in Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s buildings, especially the Old Museum in Berlin, Sir John Soane’s Bank of England in London and the newly built White House and Capitol in Washington, DC in the United States. The Scots architect Charles Cameron created palatial Italianate interiors for the German-born Catherine II the Great in St. Petersburg. 2. In the early 1800’s, Australia was still a young colony. Who were the major Australian artistic figures of this period? (You might mention architects, writer, painters or musicians and their works.

) One of the major artistic figures in Australia during 1800s who gained recognition in this era was Norman Lindsay. He was the principal cartoonist of the Bulletin magazine. He was also one of the people who advocated their right to paint the nude. He also wrote novels but his major work consisted of pen drawings, etchings, watercolours and oil paintings, all of which are well represented at ‘Springwood’ (the Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum). He also illustrated the cover for the seminal Henry Lawson book, “While the Billy Boils”.

In the field of writing or literature, Henry Lawson was one of the major writers and poets during this period. Many believe he was the first poet to capture the Australian way of life. His works are still known and an inspiration to Australians. In architecture, Francis Howard Greenway was one of the major artistic figures. His work includes Hyde Park Barracks (1817-19), St Luke’s, Liverpool (1817-24), St James’s, Sydney (1819-22), St Matthew’s, Windsor (1819-22) and other extant buildings are now popularly appreciated as the foundations of Australian architecture.

His picturesque Gothic buildings, on the other hand, are mostly long demolished and his ‘Turnpike Gate at Sydney with Gothic Lodge and Offices’ (1819-20), his designs for Sydney’s Anglican and Catholic cathedrals (the former never built, the latter much modified before its erection), even his (extant) Government House stables, have played little part in the creation of the Greenway architectural persona.

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