How does media affect society politically, socially, and economically

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How does media affect society politically, socially, and economically

Throughout history technology has evolved to provide easier forms of communication, and furthermore make people more informed. But the question is, has the evolution of media had a more positive or negative effect on society. Media affects everyone around the world and has the power to do many things to either send a good or bad message. Which is one of the main problems of media, its power. The power of media at most times is too powerful and is why media can have such a negative affect on society. But the positive view on the power of media is that is that it contributes awareness on problems that occur around the world. Media affects society politically, socially, and economically through the power people give media.

Different types of Media

Media comes in different forms, some we aren’t even aware is media. Examples of of different types of media are the news, social media, and even text messaging can be considered media. The news is the most dependable source of media and many believe is well trusted but many do not know that the news is very bias and sometimes even changes their stories or the “news” to make them interesting. Which is why media has the power to deceive people and not always present the truth. This is an example of how media’s power can affect society in a negative way, by filling people’s minds with false information. Social media is the most common form of media.

Different forms of social media are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and publicity websites. These are not reliable sources, but have a big influence on society because many people believe that everything that is on the internet is true which is definitely not the case. Why social media has such a big effect on people it’s because of its great impressive power everyone seems to believe. If people are not interested in what they read, they will stop focusing on social media and powerful companies that have to do with publicity sites will stop making money. This is why They create false stories that attract and keep people interested. The more viewers they get the more money they will earn which is exactly what this want.


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