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How Does Islam Differ from Christianity?


Both Christianity and Islam are two of the largest religion in the population of the world. These two religions are also widely recognized as the basis for how the government is run in most countries of the world.

Comparing the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam, the clear difference are the practices and beliefs of each believer and the observance of God’s authority. The holy book of Islam, the Quran views Christ as just a prophet just like others while Christianity’s holy Bible is focused on Christ as the Messiah and has based its faith on Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection.

Knowing the origin and differences of the two religions will enable us to have a proper understanding of each context.

Understanding Christianity

Christianity is one of the largest religions that dominate the world today. But did you know that Christianity when it started, specifically in the town of Jerusalem, was considered as a minority or the smallest group? All the important events that make Christianity so strong happened in this very place.

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Wilson in his book said that “It was here, in Jerusalem that Jesus of Nazareth is said to have been executed by the Roman authorities some 2000 years ago. It is here as well that Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead, revealing his true identity as the Messiah. And it was here too, that one of the earliest Christian church was formed.” So in this very small town all the elements were formed to create the Christianity of today.

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Linda Woodhead said that “Jesus Christ might seem to serve as a focus of unity for the Christian faith.” We can see today that there are a lot of Christian denomination which had been formed may have a different belief in traditions but have the belief in Jesus Christ. Three groups categorized are Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox.

The main focused of Christianity is Jesus Christ. As Jesus the only son of God was sacrificed for every one of us will be saved. The ultimate belief of every Christian that only through Him, we can be reunited with the Father. All of these doctrines are found in the Holy Bible. Jesus did not leave that much information about him. No writings, no autobiography, and even historical facts or evidence that had been recovered only present a little information about him. It is common knowledge that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Since his father, Joseph is a carpenter and is trained by him, their family might probably be poor and likely Jesus had less or no formal education and maybe Jesus had attended local synagogue to gain some knowledge about the Hebrew scriptures and about Judaism. Jesus became well known when he already started his ministry. He had been teaching and performing miracles in front of many people. He had 12 disciples who later will continue all his works when his time comes. Jesus was crucified by the Romans based on the accusations of the Jews. He had undergone all this to fulfill all the prophesies written to save all mankind.

Understanding Islam

The very first thing that comes to the mind of people when they heard the word Muslims is terrorism. Having to be born in a world in which media has so much influence in people’s lives today that present biased view and criticisms associated with Islam, no wonder a lot of people are frightened upon hearing the word Muslim. But let us know and dig more knowledge before making judgmental conceptions about Islam.

In the 7th century, Islam has started developing with the reconstruction of Prophet Mohammad’s life after his death. It is said that Muhammad started to spread Islam at Mecca and moved on to Medina that united the Arab Muslim religion.

The very concept of faith among Muslims is the belief of God as a single Supreme Being and no deity except One God- Allah. This doctrine is called Tawheed. The principle of Tawheed is opposite to the belief of trinity in Christianity. To worship any deity other than Allah is vehemently objected and is the greatest offense among Islam. The monotheism of Islam defined the Creator as the sole entity and denies any existence of other deities and no other deserves to be worshipped other than Allah. This concept belief of One God is written in Quran, the book of Islam. So for Muslims, Jesus is certainly not God.

The importance of belief in One God is written in the Quran (24:35) in the following words:

“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things.”

The entire existence of the all-Knowing Creator whose sacred light and radiance manifests and illuminates the heavens and earth. He put his light as a guide for man to travel the path of truthfulness and protection from temptation in discovering the truth. As his light illuminates continually as a guidance to reach the vicinity of Allah whose essence is beyond comprehension.

Similarities and Differences between Islam and Christianity

This is mostly one of the sought after question about religion. I also wanted to know upon starting to gain more knowledge about Islam. Knowing more about the complexity of the matter, it is believed that Christianity and Islam believe in the existence of one supreme God although the latter belief in Allah, not Christ. Christianity follows the teaching of Jesus Christ and Islam has the Quran teachings of Mohammad but both religions acknowledge the person of Abraham in their tradition. It is said that the origin of both religions is found in Judaism when the people of Israel were given Torah, which shares the same common values. Both religions practice fasting- the abstinence of food and believe in the power of prayer which was taught by the earlier prophets. Both religions believe in judgment day when God will come to bring with him his people to a life of eternity after being judge according to the faith and actions.

Islam refers Jesus as only a prophet and disagrees to the way was Jesus conceived by a virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit, Christians have high regards to Jesus and put him as like God and the only savior of mankind and the belief of three supreme being of God as God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit called the holy trinity. Islam only believes in one Supreme Being called Allah.

As Christians follow the teachings of the bible and consider it like the holy book of Christians and are believed that it is God’s breath, written by people inspired and directed and guided by the Holy Spirit, Quran on the other hand is the teachings written by the prophet Mohammad.


In spite of the differences between the belief of Christianity and Islam, both religion believes in the judgment day will come that will determine humanity according to their personal faith and actions. And as Christians believe and worship in the trinity of God which Muslims disagree in the doctrine of Tawheed, it is still the same as both belief in One God even it may be different in the entity of Allah and Christ. It maybe two completely different religions but the similarities will outweigh the differences as we are human beings of diversity. The common values of the two religions will enable each believer to respect and understand each other’s faith.

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