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How does energy drinks at school effect the students

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In general, many people on school drink and buy energy drinks, also during school. It is bought so often, because those energy drinks are very cheap and delicious. Those energy drinks are found almost everywhere; at supermarkets, petrol stations, hospitals and more and more. Energy drinks shouldn’t supported so much, because it has very badly side-effects. Researchers have proven that those energy drinks have side-effects. I will sum up the side-effects: -Diabetes, the energy drinks contain much sugar what provokes diabetes, what a very bad decease is.

-Hyperactivity, the content of caffeine is very high what leads to very abnormal active childrens at school. -Arteriosclerosis, the drinks also lead to a higher production of calcium in the veins. -Arterial occlusion, because of the drinks people will have a higher cholesterol content. -Fatness, in general, people will higher fat production what leads to fatness. At school must the drinks been banned, and there must be controls to make sure that none of the students drink those drinks.

And there must be sanctions when students have those drinks at school or if they drinks them.

The parents must be informed about those sanctions, those side-effects. because of this, the parents are capable to talk to their children(s) about these drinks to inform them about the dangers Also the supermarkets have to do something at those things. They can lower their quantity and orders of those drinks, so there will be less bought drinks. Or they can set a limit at the quantity of how much you can buy on 1 day.

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Advertising can be reduced, like it has been done with tabac. The prices can be raised, so the people are less like to buy many of these drinks.

Factories also have to do something at this problem. The quantity of how much they produce can be lowered, this causes a lack of offers what causes higher prices in the stores, and that will reduce the purchase quantity. Change the content of those bad matter and the many side-effects are gone. They also can stop their advertising of this product and stop supporting the drinks. After all, the people have to be careful with those drinks and inform the people about the dangers. There are solutions to solve this problems, but the companies and the consumers have to work along with this, otherwise it won’t help.

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