How Does Burn Out Differ From Stress Essay

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How Does Burn Out Differ From Stress

Fundamentally stress is what life is all about, it have direct relationship with our entire life, at time stress result harm to us and become quite destructive. Essentially stress is caused by poor sleeping habits, living in crowded place or by anxiety. It is segmented into four major systems, the first one is known as Cardio-Vascular System , second segment is Gastro-Intestinal System, third is declared as Muscle System and similarly final segment is declared as The brain. Stress and burnout both result in destruction but they are not the same.

Burnout is fundamentally emotional exhaustion, if such thing happens to someone he will than lost his dreams, his ideals and thoughts as well. Such type of destruction occurs with a passage of time and is segmented into different stages as well. In early stages one will feel life less fun or feel less energy in stuff around him but as time passes it become more harmless. Bertrand Russell gave his statement “One of the symptoms of approaching nervous break down is the belief that one’s work is terribly important” (Julie Indvik). According to Dr.

Arch Hart research he founds out that stress and burnout out are quite dissimilar , as stress is the result of overengagemnet ,and in this emotions are much more focus that its result in overreaction, primary it result in physical damage while in burnout emotions become blunted and result in damage. Burn out is much more harmful as compare to stress as it may keep u alive but life become full of destruction that in such case one didn’t desire to live long. REFERENCES • Julie Indvik (1998). The burnout companion to study and practice: a critical analysis Taylor & Francis: London.

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