How do woman deal with stress related issues Essay

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How do woman deal with stress related issues

Stress is one of the most important and critical causes of variety of problems faced by the individuals. It can arise due to different reasons and its extent and incidence on each individual can be different too. Few of the major causes of stress include certain traumatic experiences such as sudden death, personal injury, strenuous relationships as well as the stress emerging due to job related issues. Research has proved that the job related stress is one of the major causes of health problems in adults and its incidence on women is more significant than men.

This is also because of the fact that women normally have to play two dominating roles in her life i. e. the role of mother and the employee also. The modern day requirements are so tough and challenging that woman specially has to go through significantly more challenging aspects of a woman’s life. It is argued that stress related issues in women are not only prevalent in US but other developed countries where women contribute as working employees also face the same kind of stress related issues.

Though women are almost as equally exposed to stress as men however the question arises as to whether the women respond differently to the stress related issues or not. This essay will look into this question of whether women respond to such stress related issues differently from the men or the gender actually do not affect the overall response towards stress. Stress in Women Women often face a conflict of their roles in their families and at work place and as such they have to adjust their reactions to different situations in order to survive such situations.

This characteristic therefore gives rise to a different response to women when dealing with stress emerging due to conflict of roles in family as well as work. (Jacob & Gerson). The major sources of stress in women specially related with job varies however some of the causes include job dissatisfaction arising due to non-completion of tasks on time, no or very little recognition from peers and bosses as well as gaps between responsibility and authority. (Humphrey). It is further argued that the typical management styles also contribute to the overall stress related position of the women employees.

This corroborated by the family related stress issues further aggravate the situation for women and as such the overall response of women therefore radically differ from one situation to another. Figures released by Federal Bureau of Statistics indicate that during 2008 women showed more inclination towards doing part time jobs as compared to men who prefer to have more work hours during the week. However, it is also argued that gender differences in the stress related issues between men and women are insignificant though it is still unclear as to whether the responses of women and men towards stress are same too.

The fundamental differences between the roles and the conditions under which the men and women work may be different but the overall response of women towards stress is considered as an entirely different aspect of coping with stress. How women respond to stress? As discussed above that the women have to balance their roles between their families and their economic survival. It is because of this reason that the women often make short term adjustment rather taking steps which allow them to cope with the stress in long term.

It has also been observed that in order to manage one role and reduce the overall impact of stress, women especially mothers often tend to forgo one thing over other i. e. they often engage into family planning in order to delay the birth of children rather than sacrificing their jobs and economic benefits. The choice of forgoing one option over other is therefore considered as one of the most important and distinguishing element of coping with the stress. (Jacob & Gerson). It is also argued that the organizational support often help women to cope with the stress.

Organizations, often under the legal requirements, provide support in terms of maternity leave and other stress related compensation often motivates women employees to balance their economic life with that of the family. However, it is also critical to note that women often tend to vary their overall exposure to family and work life and as such their overall response in coping with stress related issues mostly allow them to perfectly balance their work and family lives. Women therefore often show more tendencies to spend their time with their families in order to further reduce the impact of stress on their lives.

Conclusion Stress is one of the major causes of diseases in modern world however responses of men and women towards stress are significantly different. Women have to manage multiple roles between their families and work life therefore their overall responses to cope with the stress is considered as different. Women often tend to adapt short term adjustments to cope with the stress whereas organizational support also often provides regular motivation to cope with the stress.

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