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How Do We Choose Who Will Lead Us

Humans, it is our nature to look or to find someone with the same attributes as we have in order to be part of something and with that, we long for belongingness and it is where the community fills into our whole. From the moment of conception we have our families which is the first community we belong to, they are responsible for our moral development and how are we going to contribute to society, for family mirrors the society. However, Howard Partridge stated that there are different types of community, it can be our families, our neighbors, or even the virtual community which is the social media but he also stated that true community requires a human touch.

He furthermore concluded that a community is like a support system, we like more feel that we truly belong if the people that surround you, care, and push you to the top, that in which most of the electoral candidate takes advantage of, the idea of community.

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Also in the book of The Power of Community, he further explained that there are Three Keys to Community (which most of the Leaders must possess); six steps in building a community; and the five P’s in building the community system.

Firstly, a leader must be able to support, encourage, and be accountable for the actions they are doing. In building a community, leaders must be able to value each of themselves; serve; care developed; love, and build a connection. Lastly, the five P’s in building the community system which is the purpose- why the community exists; positions or the role each of the people has to portray; the performance result description which about what is the team responsible for; the policies or the rule one must follow; and finally, procedure which is a guide about how the team will execute well.

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With the three factors in building and strengthening the foundations of the community, it is essential to building a rapport with the people that supports and motivates any time of the day but if some of it lacks, the people even if in part of little communities will be affected. As for the quote of Spiderman, with great power comes with great responsibilities, and we take part in that responsibility. Being part of the state requires us to vote or to choose the leaders that would take over the bigger part of the community which leads us to the statement prediction is power, which can sometimes make us or break us. As for Niels Bohr Prediction is difficult, especially if it is about the future, partaking with the community it is in our decision who and who does not worthy of becoming our leader which is also crucial on our part because we take risks, we do not fully know if those candidates truly mean what they say. There is no certain probability who will lose or gain in this situation, but the question is, even though we are fully aware of the possibilities that may arise how come we give too much faith to people? Is it we trust too much or it is because we believe in order to survive?

Giving your trust to people such as the candidates on elections does not guarantee that they will give back to people. Most likely when they have power, they have the capacity to twist everything good or bad, it is like the fall of man. Adam and Eve are given the freedom to do anything except for not eating the forbidden fruit but because they are curious about knowing, they do what is the opposite of what is being told. With this, it must serve as a lesson, and as Covey and Merrill explained trust and it is the powerful inspiration or motivation, by knowing that a person trusts you mean that they appreciate you but also, with trust there is integrity. Honesty plays a vital role in telling the truth and the used the term congruence which is harmonious with the values and beliefs and can create credibility and trust. With our free will we are capable to choose the right and the deserving one which can lead us if not there is always hope. I hope that in entrusting the votes of the many to the candidate, he/ she may bring forth goodness and kind acts to the nations.

In the story of Abraham, which is tested his faith to God which made him sacrifice his son but through it he testified his faith hence he was given blessings and goodness that it will be going to be restored in the world and as the story goes forth, a promised was received by Judah, Abraham’s great-grandson, that a king is going to be from his line and he was King David which became a hero but it turns out that he is also infected with evil. However David receives a promise that the king will also be going to be on his line but as generations take over one by one, they give in to evil such as prostitution, money, and power and following other gods.

These events are happening now, graft and corruption; deprivation of power; rivalry of territories, and many issues that all of us are included in the picture. We must make an action now and with these events, our faith is tested. Are we going to be deceived with such deception? Or are we going to be clear with our faith? Entrusting uncertainty is really difficult because there are no on hand assurance, the process of looking for the one to lead is a basis of trial and error but as we trust somebody we believe in their capabilities.

Let us be the prophets that proclaim the good news of the Lord, for one who believes is true with his or her faith.


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