How Distraction Will Affect The Driving?

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In the modern age, driving is an internationally shared tool; a privilege of which is consistently abused by those who ignore the safety of others. A driver is only as safe as his peers allow which is why there are innumerable signs, laws and regulations in place. Across the nation, drivers are causing danger to themselves and those around him by distracted himself. By distractions, it is important to note that almost anything can be a distraction, but the ones that are constantly abused by the majority include cellphones, GPSs, food or drink, and even friends or family members in the car.

When distracted, drivers are more likely to make mistakes or react too slowly. This is because the driver’s attention is away from the task of driving and increases the risk of collision. Drivers are fined up to $500 under Ontario’s new distracted driving law. If you have been convicted of careless drivers, you will get six demerit points and can be fined up to $2000 and even sentenced to up to six months in jail.

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In some cases, your license will be suspended up to two years. Careless driving is a very serious offence.

While I have never driven on the road enough to be given the opportunity to drive with distractions, I have been in the car with those who are distracted. On the way to school, I receive drives from my parents. They often try to drink coffee or tea in the morning while driving which I know is very dangerous.

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I remember one day, my step dad ran past a red light accidentally because he spilled some of his coffee on himself. If he had drank it before or waited until he got home, this would not have happened. If we had been hit by another car, we could have been seriously injured and I would fall behind in my studies. It is important to notify even family members of the dangers they pose.

­­Nevertheless, I also used to work at a job where I dealt with designated drivers with many intoxicated friends. They would come and be very loud without any consideration for anyone around. There was once a time where one of the drivers, without looking, bumped into another car because the driver had six drunken people in the car. While the damages were minor, he could have avoided this by not driving as many people. People who are drunk are often extremely rowdy and do not think clearly. The driver should have made some of his friends take a cab instead because the purpose of a designated driver is to arrive home safely.

There are many ways that drivers can avoid being distracted while driving; this cannot only save the driver’s life, but the other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians on the road. In the area of technology, a driver should always try to put their phone on silent so they cannot hear any notifications or use your GPS before you start driving. Their eyes will always be focused on the road if they do this. If the driver is eating or drinking, it is advised to pull over and finish his meal if it cannot be consumed indoors. Also, try to keep your passengers silent in the vehicle so the driver’s mind is not being divided between the people and the road. Distractions on the road are easily preventable and easily save many lives.


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