How Did Ippy identify her market Essay

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How Did Ippy identify her market

Ippy identified her market by realizing a personal need for herself and her family. Muslim women clothing was scarce, and there was limited competition in that particular market, especially where she lived. With a growing Muslim population, she knew this idea could work, especially with limited competition.

What knowledge, skills, and abilities did Ippy have before starting her company? What startup costs did she have? Being a Muslim woman, Ippy knew that there was a limited market for the clothing. Also, having grown up sewing her own clothing for most of her life, she had the skill required to offer this as a for profit service to other Muslim women. As far as startup costs, she only had to cover material, as the labor was covered by her. With word of mouth marketing, she spend little on advertising and the market grew on its own accord.

Why might Business Week have named Ippy as an America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs finalist? They named her this because there was a need for this market that was not being satisfied by anyone at the time. With organization and different styles, she offered a unique product for a niche market.

Ippy participated in a program that helped her turn her sewing talent into a business. What type of assistance was it? Who provided it? Ippy used aschool program that was focused on young entrepreneurism. The Springfield Technical College offered this course to help further ideas and put things in play for Ippy.

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