How Computers are Used in Business?

Computers has given business an amusing leverage by supplying companies with unlimited amounts of information. Computers increase mass production at work, and precisely performing many of the constant and dreary functions. Also, computers have being helpful for building up expressive way that people work together aside from contributing the capabilities towards share input, coordinate tasks, and quickly communicate. Computers also are helpful for regulating input and allow organizations to maintain and shape databases in ways that would be absurd without technology.

In this paper, I will discuss about computers are being used in business in four different ways; marketing, research, storage, and finance.

Marketing professionals use a computer to plan, operate, and monitor operations. A computer also makes it easier for marketing professionals to conspire with colleagues, companies and suppliers. Marketing professionals are using the web advertising for example; leading banners, in-text commercials on popular websites, and emails sent to past or future customers. “Computers grant companies to circulate their products and services to remote users through the Internet, without the need for a physical office or retail store.

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The digital distribution can endure beneficial to all the small and large companies that want to sell to consumers all over the country”.

Marketers use computers by improving their company’s web pages with keywords and search phrases a certain number increase the odds of Internet users finding their websites through web searches. Marketing professionals also create short commercials that appear as web leading banners or on search engines, and increase their websites’ clarity through targeted, keyword-rich contented.

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Computers enable web content managers entry to these search-engine and investigative tools, which allow them to track the performance of leading banner and search engine ads, as well as update keywords that appear on their web pages. Without computers, web content managers could not make any changes and edits needed to update and maintain the web pages that appear on the Internet.

Before you start research, you often want to quickly learn about different possible situations and/or topics of study by searching available sources of reports and information. Almost all the academic journals are reachable on the Internet, and bountiful are organized into online databases. Government agencies often have demographic or economic materials on the Internet, and you can use in your research. Researchers can take and haul computers anywhere around the globe, making it easier to conduct field research and collect data. New distances of research in remote areas or at a community level are opened at the top by the mobility of computers. Computers are essential throughout the research process, development, and advancement. The role of a computer becomes more extra significant when the research is on a massive sample. Computers assist the researcher throughout contrasting phrases of the research process.

Now businesses can stockpile vast amount of input and statistics using computers and on the Internet. People don’t need huge cabinets for storing data now. Data can be stored foremost for easy access from numerous computers or stored regional for personal use. “Computerized storage saves space and provides a security of input and statistics. Secondary storage accordingly is needed because it is non-volatile, meaning it preserves its contents without the need for a power supply. It also has the large storage capacity and quantity needed to store the operating system and all the programs and files needed by a modern computer system”. A computer does have many uses when it comes to finance. From trading financial tools to keeping records of personal budgets to reporting the earnings of a business, a computer is used by financial companies every single day.

“A computer does have a system which is programmed to enter buy and sell orders when the price of a stock or bond reaches a certain level, and automatically closes the order when the target price or the stop-loss is reached. Computer based trading is useful when a trader has a system that allows profitable trading and does not want to enter each order individually. A computer provides instant information for stock traders to make decisions and allows them to enter orders that are immediately executed”. Instead of using checks and checking accounts, a computer can clear a transaction instantly. A debit or credit card purchase is quickly compared with the user’s account balance, allowing a bank to decide whether to allow a transaction.

A computer allows transactions during weekends and holidays, when there is no staff or employees working at the bank. Personal finance is clear and simplified by using a computer. A customer can download account transactions and store them in records on a home computer. Personal finance software includes additional features, such as charts and reports, that show home users what they are spending money on and where their funds are coming from. A computer is also helpful for companies that are considering financial transactions.  To recap, computers has given business an amusing leverage by supplying companies with unlimited amounts of information. Computers are used in business in four different ways; marketing, research, storage, and finance. In conclusion, computers are very useful in businesses.


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