How College Degree Is Important to Me Essay

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How College Degree Is Important to Me

College education gives me the opportunity to have an extremely success future. It’s everything that most individual wants in their life. Since it’s so tremendous and valuable to have a college degree I will take the opportunity to pursue it. A college degree is very important and has a significant meaning to my future, it will provide me with a better career with higher pay salary, experience and it will give me that personal satisfaction for making my dream come through. According to Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you use to change the world”. And I believe by having my college degree can change my world.

I am surgical technologist that enjoys work and helping people, so by obtaining a college degree in psychology will make me understand people from a different perspective. However, my job is always challenging and by furthering my education I will have the ability to learn new things every day. This degree will reassure my employer that I can cope with the work environment and also has the ability to adapt to constant change. A degree is evidence that help climbing the corporate ladder, it gives you the higher ups that you have necessary skills to be promoted to a higher position.

By accomplishing a college degree will allow me to have the experience and the skill that I never had before. It’s a learning experience that would transform me in a life time. Achieving a college degree would give me the skills to perform my job or to face the real world. In reality facing the real world without a college degree can be very difficult. Mostly by earning a degree will give the hope and personal satisfaction about me. I can feel confident and secure about the next step I will be taken without fear.

It will help me to prepare for industrial skills. For example writing essays, computer science and how to analyze people behavior that is why my major is psychology so it can help me deal with people appropriately. Thus, college can help me achieving the skills related to the industry I am working in and help me to figure out how to do my job. In conclusion achieving my college degree is the most important thing to my life and my future, it will help my family in so many valuable ways and most of all will make me accomplish my goal a college degree.

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