How can your Korean Heritage Influenced your Future? Essay

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How can your Korean Heritage Influenced your Future?

Every person is raised in a particular culture with its unique and distinct characteristics, traditions and practices. These various cultural attributes cultivate the person’s innate characteristics and shape them to be who they are in the future. Korea is one of the oldest civilizations that continue to uphold their traditional cultural traditions and practices. Korean heritage is very rich and it possesses distinguishing attributes that are able to create a unique individual. Koreans are known as nationalistic people and they continually express the love for their country.

This strong emotion is manifested in various aspects of Korean culture such as in beliefs, art, philosophy and religion. The love for country originated on a legend passed on to generations wherein a heavenly deity considered residing on earth which makes Koreans think that the world is a good place to live that even gods want to live here. This nationalistic attitude highly influenced the future of children who love their country. This particular strong feeling plays an important role in the establishment of relationships among people.

The children of Korea are raised to respect and love their native land which is an emotion that will be able to help them to make better decisions for the improvement and development of the country and the earth. Koreans are also known to be respectful of nature which is evident in the various art forms and ceramics. Nature is one of the favorite subjects of Koreans in their paintings. It used to represent beauty and serenity. The deep affiliation that Koreans feel towards the nature will be beneficial for the future of the country.

The modern global society faced various environmental dilemmas that are becoming serious issues today. The environmental problems posed threats not only on the inherent environment but also to people’s lives. Koreans love for nature is beneficial to Korea and the world as they strongly support the preservation of nature and its natural resources. Koreans also value education. Their education system is integrated with subjects of religion and rules of proper conduct. Koreans view that education will be their key to success and without it, they will live a miserable life.

Some well off Koreans went to foreign countries just to study and learn a different culture in preparation for their future. You can expect that Koreans are highly educated and raised with proper manners and conduct not only taught at home but also at schools. In the aspect of families, which is an integral part of Korean culture, Koreans show intense family solidarity. Koreans take pride in their ancestry and they cherished the memories of the family members who passed away.

The Korean family maintains family solidarity even during marriage, merging two families in one. Marriage is treated as more than a union of two people but rather an integration of families and businesses. Koreans value the familial decisions and believe that the decisions made within the family are right and should be respected. Korea is also an enriching site of different religions as it is composed of diverse religions such as Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism as part of influence of the nearby countries.

This diversity teaches the Koreans to have respect for others people’s religion. This is a good attitude in maintaining harmonious relationships with people surrounding them. The Korean cultural heritage is very rich and highly influential to the future generations. The influence of the various characteristics of Korean cultural heritage molds the Korean children into citizens with good upbringing and attitudes that are beneficial not only for the country and the world but also to their fellow citizens.

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