How can you make them Essay

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How can you make them

As an employer, various approaches can be employed to improve safety practices among pilots, maintainace people and other employers of Aircraft Company as this is essential in preventing casualty from avoidable risks.

The steps towards motivation

Talk to your employees

Find out how many of those employed rides and what their needs are. In order words the needs about their training needs and the best way they can be supported to be safe riders and managers of aircraft.

• Are they new workers or more experienced?
• Have they completed any training course before?
• What’s their attitude towards a continuous learning and refresher courses?
• Appoint an aircraft coordinator

The most important and crucial factor for a workplace aircraft champions are interest and zeal in riding. This aircraft coordinator would serve as a middleman between the company management and employees. With help from aircraft shops ,the coordinator organizes seminars inviting speakers that address interesting safety issues to those working in and out of the aircraft He should be able to sacrifice few hours in a week in order to jumpstart and direct the worksite safety agenda. Furthermore, employees can be encouraged to drive safely by establishing club or a group .When peers assist in arranging and shouldering programs and events, this will motivate people to participate .This club can provide access to issues that pertains to safety gears, skills and control and licensing as well as provide information on where to ride and how to obtain quality aircraft maintain ace.

Initiate a mentor or ‘Aircraft buddy’ plan

This can be done for new pilots experienced plots can be paired with new ones if the expertise is not in the workplace a contact to local dealer or advocate from state aircraft office to find experienced pilots to assist employees to learn riding safely such mentors give novice information about safety measures also encourage and boost their confidence

Give a free ‘Starter Kit’ to new  employees

This will contain information about safe practices, brochures on licensing and safety tutorials, protective gears and discount tickets on at gear shops Cardigans with company logo and with rider-friendly blueprint and watchword this decision is made by the coordinator to decide the kit contents.

Steps to implement Aircraft safety awareness initiatives

• Explore all available communication methods and these include internet, hangar signage paycheck inserts bulletin banners posters lobby display company magazines intranet and email blasts.
• Make partnership with local aircraft dealership to provide a free or subsidized maintain ace check for aircraft. Such a dealer may accept giving discounts or gear or maintenance
• Design safety awareness seminal series displaying local speakers and resource personnel

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