How can Village Volvo differentiate itself from Volvo dealers Essay

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How can Village Volvo differentiate itself from Volvo dealers

Assignment 1: Village Volvo
Q-1: Describe Village Volvo’s Service Package
Ans-1: Core Service Package: Quality Repair Service on Out of Warranty Volvos This Consist of Five Components:
Supporting Facility
Facilitating Goods
Explicate Service
Implicit Service

Also Routine Service like Tune up and Oil Change…
Village Volvo has one Unique Feature that is:

History of Work
Information About Repaired Volvo
History of Fault arise in Volvo
Help Desk for Mechanics

Beside the Core Service Village Volvo provide Additional Service Like: 1.
Routine Service
Customer Relationship
Historical Trend
Cost and Time Estimation
Equipped Waiting Room

Q-2: How are the Distinctive Characteristics of a Service Firm illustrated by Village Volvo?
Ans-2: Village Volvo implemented Service package which make customer Convinced and Comfortable
Generally in Service Operation Management there is one Rule: “If you are able to make customer your side your 50% job has to be done” In village Volvo there are main three distinctive things:
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Assignment 1: Village Volvo
1. Customer Comfort
2. Trust
3. Respect

Village Volvo Provide good service with additional service.
One other good service is Management Information System in Village Volvo…

Q-3: Characterize Village Volvo in Regard to the nature of the service act, the relationship with customers, customization and judgment, the nature of demand and supply, and method of service delivery.

Ans-3: Following is the appropriate answer
Nature of Service: Customer Participation
Relationship: High Contact with Customer
Customization and Judgment: Very High
Nature of Demand and Supply: Pull

Method of Service Delivery: Case Management Proactive intervention supportive service

Q-4: How Could Village Volvo manages its back office (i.e. repair operation) like a factory.
Ans-4: Village Volvo manages its back office by following ways: 1. Proper Spare Parts Management
2. Provide Next Service date and have a record with Village Volvo so, it will help for daily and weekly Planning.
3. Differentiate Emergency and Routine
That is from Village Volvo…

As per my knowledge Village Volvo Should use some Quality Philosophy Like 5S of Quality Management
1st S: Sorting
2nd S: Set in Order

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Assignment 1: Village Volvo
3rd S: Shine
4th S: Standardize
5th S: Sustain

There are more three S of Quality Management
6th S: Safety
7th S: Security
8th S: Satisfaction

Q-5: How can Village Volvo differentiate itself from Volvo dealer? Ans-5: Village Volvo can differentiate itself from Volvo dealer from following ways: 1.
Differentiation Through Service Excellence
Integrated Virtual Call Centre
Integrated Service Network
Proactive offer sales service
Customer Touch point Management
Smart Service agent

It is essential to ensure consistent customer Experience across touch point which reinforce your brand and sends the message to customer that you understand them well.

This is all about Service Operation Management (SOM).
So, whatever ever Philosophy is for Service Operation Management which is related to Village Volvo like…
Dimension of Service
Perceived Service Quality
Expected Service
Perceived Service

Prepared by: Milan Padariya

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Assignment 1: Village Volvo
Mainly three dimensions considered in Service Operation Management… 1. ESPS: Expectation no met: Unsatisfactory: Customer not Happy I want to add one more thing:
In Village Volvo there are two Possibilities:
1. ES

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