How can alternative sources of energy be harnessed effectively? Essay

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How can alternative sources of energy be harnessed effectively?

Sample: Introduction of ‘How can alternative sources of energy be harnessed effectively?’ Nowadays, the world tends to be smaller due to rapidly development of advance technologies which provide convenience life to mankind. People seem to focus more on improving their living standard while ignoring their quality of life and environmental well being. More people just realized the problems in this last decade because the problems become more and more important. We consumed vast of un-renewable energy and natural resources such as fossil fuel for the former, and water and forest for the later. Consuming the resources from industries and individuals caused pollution. Also, these resources are limited supply which means that they will be gone in near future, if we do not find any strategies to preserve the resources. Therefore, we have to work more on how to utilize the limited resources efficiently and also find some other alternative renewable natural resources in order to harness the sources along with energy effectively. “How has Kristianstad cut its fossil fuel use?”

Kristianstad started using alternative energy instead of fossil fuel, its traditional un-renewable energy, a decade ago. There were many kind of alternative renewable energy, but it decided to generate biogas through biomass process from farm waste such as rotting peel, manure due to appropriate location of find the supplies. From the food waste, Kristianstad transforms it to biogas in order to create heat and electricities or fuel. Kristianstad also burn gas from old landfill and sewage ponds, and use wood pellet to heat fuel in remote region. Kristianstad has developed their production and cut half of its fossil fuel use, which also reduce CO2 emission in last decade. In Kristianstad, old fossil fuel technologies still coexist along with their biomass replacement. However, it got support from government on heating system. Moreover, the government imposed tax on CO2 emission from fossil fuel.

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