How Balanced Life And Work Success Is Possible


Do maintaining balance between work and your professional life requires sacrifices that warranty success without negatives consequences behind? The pursuit of happiness, spirit of competition and economic prosperity are essential core values of our actual society that incentives many citizens to deal between their responsibilities in many areas. They are concerned that their availability is a condition demanded in many jobs occupations. As a result, it also affects their personal life. Although, it is a tactfully defiant goal that anyone can attain, that are acclaimed high levels of motivation or powerful determination for prioritizing what is more convenient in certain situations when there are disagreements.

However, in many jobs occupation the employees’ availability 24/7 can be interpreted by most recruiters as their interest about the job, strong feelings of belonging to the team’s company values, and involved cooperation. Who does not like to have a good image in their jobs being actively participant of their team group organization? Consequently, their availability will not only help them to have a better image and consideration in their jobs occupation, it also will increase their income.

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Certainly, we are expected by many companies to become successful in this two areas because it shows skills of self-control of our lives. Examples of this life style are illustrated in movies or TV series while they make a strong marketing campagna of seducing many Americans in the idea of developing their potential while balancing work and life in order to be happy without thinking about the effects.

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Unfortunately, those effects are negatives for our physical and emotional health precisely, whenever we feel overwhelmed or stressful due to lacking of enough time in getting the desired results affecting us with anxiety, fatigue and depression. This is why, in certain cases is necessary to limit it and learn how to say no. I remember when I was a teenager and started to work in networking how seriously it became a problem with my family because I was arriving late to the house and most of the conversations that I used to have were related to it. Obsessively, with the idea of becoming rich, and lacking of a cellphone or a computer, I was not available and productive in both areas as I wanted. By that time, it became a serious problem because I was losing time with my son who was demanding more attention. I realized that I was not managing properly the time making me feel frustrated and confused.

As a result of many confrontations I decided to apply changes my job availability, getting more information about it and using technology sources of communication such as smartphones and social media providing me better results. This is why, balance between work and life is possible any time anywhere with the adequate tools of technology, wisely time management and strong motivation in order to become more productive, without losing the love and support from our family. Starting with the fact that technology in smartphones and computers are brilliant sources of communication which facilitate the speed, productivity work task and clearance in the ideas shared between team members. Certainly, those devices allows you to divide the task no matter where you are.

However, this practical tool help us to emphasize our quality job productivity anywhere but also it is a great method of availability without a strict schedule. For example, if you are team supervisor, and buy a smartphone or computer laptop while traveling or in your house, you can be more connected and available if your boss needs you without losing the time and attention from your beloved ones. You can connect in video conferences, send email or text to other coworkers. Besides that, it helps you to cooperate with other coworkers in another countries making balancing your life and work easier and faster. Therefore, blaming their use can affect our possibility of working outside the office forcing us to be more presented while taking more time from us. Another source of maintaining balance between work and life is managing the time wisely. Obviously, it will demand sacrifices and adjustments in order to be 24/7 available as well as to provide attention and importance to our family.

However, this precious element will make you feel more organized and responsible with your life anytime. For example, if your learn how to invest your time and clearly communicate with your team; you can limit through communication at all hours and still be successful prioritizing the tasks between the most urgent and those ones which can be delayed making of that a profitable opportunity for doing something (Paper) else. Another step of effective advantage in well time management, is listening carefully in order to understand better the problem seeking the most efficient solution. Therefore, most of the companies should educate their employees providing more information and better resources to their improvements. Finally, setting lines of productivity steps with their time spent with customers, and adaptability of their schedule is another way of being productive with their hours.

A dream cannot persist without our motivation if we want to become successfully citizens in our daily lives. Certainly, you don’t feel interested in doing any task more than the necessary at work when you are apathetically not inspired. However, for becoming successfully in your work and life your motivation is essential. An illustration of this is in our dreams which guide our emotions and interest in our personal and professional life helping us to balance our energy of positive interest and effort for becoming more efficiently productive. On the opposite, if you are not motivated you won’t make any effort in achieving your goals for balancing your life. Therefore, you should make efforts in order to maintain your motivation avoiding negative consequences to your professional image.

In conclusion, maintaining a successful work life balanced is part of the challenge ahead that requires sacrifices that not everyone want to experience in order to become successful. This is demanded by most of the companies that are actively interested in their employee’s growth and potential. This is why we have to measure carefully the negatives effects in our physical and emotional health acknowledging our limitations and maintaining our motivation being presented anytime and anywhere seeking the economic and triumph in our lives.

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