How and why are American Families changing Essay

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How and why are American Families changing

Family polishes individuals like in an institution, but the American family is gradually losing the status of an alma mater. The main setback suffered is devaluation and deficient functioning. Devaluation is evident from a decline in its perusal by new generation and deficient functioning due to economic burdens, ethical vacuum and reluctance in offering unsung sacrifices to raise a family. (Benokraitis) Three factors can be ruled out as the primary functionaries in shaping up the current family setup. Firstly, the lack of religious involvement leads to a decline in performance of moral duties.

Raising a family is not fun but a responsibility laden task. Without moral pressures, few young minds will take pains to shoulder the burden of acting responsibly. Secondly, devaluation of family as an inspirational medium is also leading the minds to lose interest in it. Economic pressures, social injustices in the first place destabilized families which then gradually lost their own grounds. (Benokraitis) Thirdly a vast, open spouse market does not let many to settle seriously, carry the burdens of family life.

Mostly youngsters are falling prey to this. Many with their bad experiences leave the idea of settling ever even before practicing it. (Benokraitis) Thus, we see that even these three factors are intimately interconnected. To revitalize the family institution individuals with their moral, religious, educational, social faults have to be analyzed and corrected. Our parents enjoyed much better coherent family setups. Technologically and educationally they were far behind. However, psychological, emotional development of them was superior to us.

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