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How and When We Use ICT Essay

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The communication system in the world is essential to modern day life. This may include mobile phones or normal household phones, which instantly allow someone to hear another persons voice from anywhere around the world, after you code in the required phone number. This saves a great deal of hassle, time and money as there no or less need to actually visit the person speaking. Furthermore, a mobile phone, performing the same tasks can be used, which can be taken anywhere and is wireless.

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Also with the mobile phone, instead of talking to another person, messages could be sent known as ‘text’ to whomever, saving more money and time.

Similarly the modern day internet- with the e-mail system, could be used, to anyone or any company around the world who also posses e-mail addresses. Again, the communication is very fast and better than mobile phone text, the information is free, easier and more of it can be sent across the world. At Howard’s Health centre, the communications system would be essential, as it is to modern day life. All the stock, financial systems and even customer services will require the use of these systems.

These, obviously come into vital use for our company and our staff. Firstly these different methods of communication can and will be used in this company. Whether through the internet, ‘txt’ message or simply talking over the mobile phone, these will all come into demand. It replaces the need of counting on unreliable ‘snail mail’ which has many disadvantages, such as the speed, consistency and the time spent in order to gain something from this method.

The usage of CD-ROMS has become more than common. These are readily and cheaply available in all modern day stores and retailers, becoming useful for a variety of different reasons. CD-ROMS in the form of Digital Versatile Disks (DVD’s), have nearly completely replaced and taken over the ‘famous’ video, displaying movies, films and other TV related programmes. Furthermore, CD-ROMS are increasing popularity, due to the demand and popularity of different types of software that would be vital for our company to have. The popularity of these CD-ROMS is increasing so rapidly that they now are included in free samples that come to the post.

Howard’s Health centre will use the CD-ROM to make use of the software that our system needs via the CD-ROM. It also would help promote our company through advertising our goods with maybe a free CD-ROM. Also we may use CD-ROMs to store backup files, incase of a breakdown. Furthermore, to offer training to our employees of how to use various programmes on the computer, we will need the aid of a CD-ROM

Another use of ICT in stores and companies such as ours is with the everyday usage of bar codes – especially helpful for shops and other big stores. These are used to display the unique identities of any product which can be stored into shop computers to keep track of there own products. The benefits of bar codes are immeasurable. The most prominent of reasons include: that there is less risk of fraud and there is Quicker service in shops, for the bar code is used to display the identity and price of a product. Furthermore this method is relatively easy to use and requires little training to learn. Therefore the products sold by Howard’s Health centre will have the bar code on medicine and other medical facilities.

The internet is increasing popularity for online shopping. In this world today, many people who are mainly occupied or too ill to go out to the supermarkets, use the internet to shop. This is an easy, quick and reliable way of shopping as the stock is delivered promptly to your doorstep. Also as this method requires little effort and is increasing in popularity, more and more varieties of goods can be brought over the internet, especially those that might be harder to purchase otherwise.

However, there are many drawbacks to this method. For example, this method of shopping can create and increase health problems, as it cuts out the need of walking to the shops or the supermarket. Also it increases the risk of fraud as credit card details and other personal information may easily released into the dangerous world wide web,

Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale (EFTPOS) technology, allows money to be paid through credit cards at tills that accept them. This involves a credit card having unique identity and direct access to the owner’s account, to be inserted into one of these tills, where the price of the items is taken from the bank. This greatly decreases the risk of burglary of money and stops any inconveniences caused by the carrying of money in your pocket. However, this method is not perfect as it is prone to credit card fraud and these cards can easily be lost. Furthermore, using this way for paying money makes the user less aware of the quantity of money that they spend, increasing the risk of debt and overdraft.

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) is similar to the other method. This ensures the electronic transfer of funds at the point of sale. It used at the checkouts to provide the customer receipt and, at the same time, update the items in stock. This process is automatic, requiring little human endeavor and assistance.

With the introduction of new technology, our company will start using an easier method of shopping- shop online, replacing the typical and traditional method of using our legs and arms! We also would use computers to send e-mails and for entertainment purposes using CD-ROM gaming. These games have special 3-D effects and other griping effects that keep the user interested.

It is also used with interactive television. Before people had access to only four or five channels, which for the ‘telle addict’ would get intimidating. With interactive television, up to 800 channels, giving a much more interesting range of channels and topics. Howard’s Health centre by providing them with information, education and entertainment for a variety of subjects that may be useful to this company, the staff the and the whole of Brownsville

Sage payroll is a commercial system that can be brought, to automatically calculate the employer’s wages. It is a very quick, easy and accurate method to calculate the wages of the employees. We may make use of this in Howard’s Health centre, especially in the near future, once the hospital is up and running. Also this provides businesses with support and advice which obviously will come helpful.

Our method, using the computer, is slightly harder to use and needs more human assistance and training. Also this method is more prone to mistakes and is less professional. However, it is cheaper to use, easier to set up and it suits the job as it is a small health centre.

Working practices will obviously have to change in Howard’s Health centre, thanks to the newly introduced computerized system. The old typewriter, handwritten letters, huge filing cabinets and much more will have to go now the computer is introduced.

The average Howard’s Health centre employee will have to get used to using the computer, and will find it very useful. The need for letters and stamps taking days if not weeks to come will be mostly replaced by the e-mail system taking seconds to send large amounts of info across the world. Internet shopping will reduce the need for our staff to actually go out and by the clothing and stock. Data will now, and in the future, is stored within this system that will take up far less room than before.

Remember, these various ‘hi tech’ systems can only be accessed by individuals and companies who have the means of accessing these technologies, like Howard’s Health centre. These technologies are relatively expensive to own, and thus, are mainly accessible to the industrialized and MEDC countries. These countries posses various forms and resources in order to use these systems effectively. Thus, countries that are in the developing/third world simply do not have the financial resources to implement these systems.

With this revolution of our system, we will need to train the staff to use these systems. This will take time and cost money. Also we will have to find qualified teachers, which will again be a hassle. Our staff will be trained in using the computer, software and performing the necessary tasks. The trainees will also need to be aware of the law and various different acts. For instance the data protection act which provides legislations to protect data released onto the computers, especially personal data. Also the employees must be aware of privacy and copyright. It is essential that the workers should be aware of other moral implications of using ICT. Our staff must be aware of undesirable material and the misuse of computers at work.

ICT systems can easily crash. In this process, all too easily, many data can be lost, and sometimes not retrieved. This often happens with unsaved data, say when there is a power cut, this data will be lost. This problem can be overcome in a variety of ways. Obviously, the primary way would be to always regularly save the data, where programmes can be loaded onto the system that will automatically save a copy of the data so that it is not lost. Also various retrieval programmes can be used, which when the user switches off with ought to saving the work, or the computer crashes, the system will automatically have a record of there work. In the long term, data backups are used, in the form of CD-ROMS or various other storage mediums, which can act as backup devices. Also, the internet can be used, where work may be uploaded on say a website, incase of a crash.

Another disadvantage of using these systems, which will imply in Howard’s Health centre, is the various health problems they pose. Usage of the computer and to communicate via e-mail can take long to accomplish. Usage of this method of communication, along with text messages can cause eye and neck strain, aswell as a host of other problems. Using the mobile phone, although not posing a significant health risk can cost a lot of money, especially when calling when most needed- peak time.

Again training and teaching about these various health problems, and how to avoid them, would help overcome this problem. Despite the expenses and hassle of training and teaching the employers, it undoubtedly would be money well spent. For ultimately the health and safety of our employers comes first.

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