How Alcohol Processes Through the Body Essay

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How Alcohol Processes Through the Body

Alcohol is consumed orally and depending on how strong the alcohol, your weight, gender, or you ethnicity determines how fast it travels through your body. Alcohol is classified as a depressant because it slows the body down. It affects your motor skills such as talking and perception. Alcohol travels through the mouth down the esophagus directly into the stomach. There it is absorbed into the stomach and travels into the bloodstream. According to For says that a majority of the alcohol you drink is absorbed in the small intestine then goes to a large blood vessel leading directly to the liver. For states,” The normal, healthy liver can process about 1/2 ounce of pure alcohol (that’s 6 to 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1 ounce of spirits) in an hour. The rest flows on to your heart.”

Your heart contracts less when alcohol is in your system, lowering your blood pressure. Alcohol then flows through your hearts bloodstream to your lungs. Alcohol can be smelled on your breath now, taking a breathalyzer test determines your BAL. For example, speech and the ability to walk are impaired the more you drink. Your vision may become blurred as well. Alcohol abused for a lengthy period of time can be fatal to the body. According to excessive drinking can lead to cancer, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, anemia, depression, dementia, seisures, gout, high blood pressure, nerve damage, infectious disease, and pancreatitis. Alcohol abuse has costs that do not just drain your wallet, but your entire life.

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