How advertising and commercials influence my life Essay

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How advertising and commercials influence my life

Advertising and commercials have, no doubt, a strong influence in my purchasing behavior. They influence the clothes I wear, the food I eat and the places to go for a night out. Adverts in the television and magazines are expressive of models wearing different designs of clothing outfits. Such outfits make the models look admirable. This brings the feeling in me that if the clothes look good, then they must make me feel good. Due to this reason, I am compelled to purchase such clothes.

Most of my friends and I have our eating habits greatly influenced by advertising and commercials. With the many adverts on hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizzas among other, most of my friends are always out to the pizza inn during class breaks. Despite the many claims by opponents of frequent use of fast foods, my heart is always impressed by the deliciousness portrayed on the adverts, a factor that inevitably forces me into purchasing such foods and drinks. Where to go for a night out is mainly influenced by commercials and advertising.

This is because such adverts are indicative of the type of entertainment to expect and above all the entertainers to meet. Just to be appreciated is the fact that I like to go out with a preset mind of fulfillment. This is why advertising has no doubt a crucial role to play in dictating the best place to hang out. Therefore, advertising and commercials bring invaluable influence to my purchasing and spending behavior. Such marketing practices have indeed dominated my psychology.

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