How Advances in Technology Positive Affects our Lives

Technology brings to life the latest discoveries in sciences and translates them into practical tools which empower humans and contribute to the welfare of society. It has revolutionized our daily life and had positively changed our habits, putting efficiency and comfort as guidelines. Transportation became fast, and communication transnational. This has resulted in creativity taking new dimensions across different sectors. People are innovating everyday by thinking outside of the box and constantly solving problems. In this essay we should carefully analyze how technology has affected creativeness and build up our understanding of the different arguments.

We will delved into different perspectives and follow a logical reasoning.We shall start our endeavor by scrutinizing how technology is a tool that makes people more creative. IN fact, it has freed people from the time consuming tasks and has helped him focus more on how to improve life conditions. A few years ago, people spent a lot of time commuting, waiting for transports, or struggling with inefficient online services.

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This available time has given the opportunity to the brightest mind the chance to innovate.

Technology has also served as a tool through customizable websites, online stores, and easy coding, enabling the entrepreneur to focus on the idea rather than technicalities.In order to build a well-rounded argument, it is worth mentioning the opposite argument that criticize technology as producing lazy people, who does not experience the struggle and urge to innovate. This ideology strongly belief as technology in being a medium through which the youth spend a lot of unproductive time.

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We should now further elaborate on the positive aspects of technology. Technology can be considered a source of creativity for different reasons. First, technology has increased the computing power and functionalities of our smart devices. It mad at our disposal a panoply of tools that can be utilized as the building block of further innovation. For example, we have seen many business starting as Facebook groups, or simply ideas within social media

Second, technology is omnipresent through the different products and software that we are using on a daily basis. We can cite endless products in this essay, but we will limit ourselves to five of the most innovative technologies. Artificial intelligence has been intensively used in research for self-driving cars, in an attempt to reduce the need of a human driver. Machine learning has helped many fields process amount of data and learn from them for forecasting purposes. Online classes have given access to education to the world most marginalized social classes across the globe. Communication has been revolutionized through social media, reducing the cost and the time needed to connect and communicate. Advances in medical studies, has risen the life expectancy in many countries and given hope to many families.

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How Advances in Technology Positive Affects our Lives

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