How 21st Century Lifestyle Affects Our Physical and Mental Health

In today’s lifestyle, wide changes have taken place and millions of people follow this modern lifestyle. Modern lifestyle is the changes which society incorporates in its lifestyle to be on the same level as the constantly changing situations. Lifestyle is an important factor in an individual’s health and quality of life. It is important to consider the relationship between modern lifestyle and human health as there is an increasing amount of people suffering from health problems that are caused by their modern lifestyle.

It is, therefore, crucial to discuss the issue of how modern lifestyle affects people’s health to prevent certain health problems. This essay will address three views on how modern lifestyle affects people’s health, namely through technology, followed by clubbing and finally, fast food.

The first view on how modern lifestyle affects people’s health is through technology. The major increments in technological advancements have led to a higher frequency of usage amongst humans living the modern lifestyle.

One advantage is the fact that it facilitates the lives of human beings through the improved communication methods available now, which makes it easier to connect with family members and friends from different parts of the world as well as expediting globalization and thus, improving the world’s economic structures. Another advantage is that there is an improvement in transportation technology which makes it easier and faster to travel long distances compared to the past. However, technology can also be harmful and cause health-related problems if misused.

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Firstly, using your computer or smart devices past your regular bedtime can affect your sleep pattern negatively. Digital screens emit blue light. The blue light emitted can also cause blue light insomnia. According to Bahl (2018), the purpose of the photoreceptor cells is to capture visual pictures and signal them to the brain via a molecule called a retinal. The retinal, which is created by the eye, would be triggered by the blue light and cause various chemical responses which can be toxic to the photoreceptor cell molecules rendering them damaged. Thus, confirming that the blue light emitted from your digital screens can be permanently damaging to your eyes. Besides, without sufficient sleep, your immune system can be weakened. You also increase the risk of getting diabetes or even certain types of cancer. Secondly, you can get addicted to your electronic devices especially your smartphones. When you become slaves to your smartphones, you would feel the need to constantly use it. The constant usage of your smartphones can cause eye strain which then causes headaches. Thirdly, you can get ‘text neck’ or ‘text claw’ from overusing your smartphones. Shoshany (2015) states that text neck refers to the neck pain and physical harm sustained from looking down at your smartphone, tablet or other wireless devices for too long. Text neck has become a common problem in this generation. It is predominantly concerning as it is possible for children who are growing and for teenagers to cause permanent damage to their spines which then leads to lifelong neck pain. YorkMix (2016) mentions that text claw which is also known as De Quervain syndrome can have a negative effect on recurrent smartphone users causing wrist pain, thumb tenderness, hand spasms and difficulty gripping from utilizing your smartphone for too long. This can make you feel uncomfortable and make trivial chores seem difficult to accomplish. Therefore, technology in the modern lifestyle impacts the health of human beings negatively.

People’s health can also be affected by clubbing which includes smoking and consuming alcohol. In the 21st century, clubbing has become part of the modern lifestyle for many young adults. While clubbing, the consumption of alcohol is common. As for consuming alcohol, it can be addictive. Binge drinking can cause instant issues such as alcohol poisoning, severe intoxication, nausea and blurred vision. Excessive drinking has negative repercussions such as accidental injuries and even death. In the long term, heavily consuming alcohol can be followed by several health problems such as high blood pressure, weight gain and heart problems. It can also damage your liver and weaken your immune system. Clubbing and consuming alcohol would be accompanied by smoking for smokers. The nicotine in cigarettes makes them highly addictive. The health problems associated with smoking are lung cancer, coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke. People are also influenced by their friends to smoke, drink alcohol and go to clubs. They also tend to give in to peer pressure without giving a second thought about the health problems which smoking and drinking alcohol have to offer. Dr. Chia (2017) states that smoking causes numerous diseases that it is tough to determine where to start and that any quantity and variety of smoking is detrimental to your health. Both smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol share similar effects on the heart. The only difference is that the harmful effects of smoking are widely known and straightforward while the negative impacts of alcohol consumption are more intricate. Hence, in the modern lifestyle, clubbing, smoking and the consumption of alcohol is another way which affects the health of the people.

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