Housing Policies Essay

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Housing Policies

The 1970’s marked a very important shift in housing policies from supply to demand programs. Certain determinants influenced these shifts with incorporation of major programs which helped the poor and led to improvement in the quality of lives. The demand for decent housing had an impact on the supply of decent houses. This led to a shift in housing policies from supply-side to demand side programs. Major determinant of the shift can be attributed with increased number of immigrants from overseas countries. Our nation has strong economic structure which is in a position to support a large number of individuals.

Presence of job opportunities and good recognized education, people from different countries have sought such services from our blessed nation. The immigrants to America have led to a shift from supply to demand program so as to house a big number of immigrants. Individuals visiting America have the right to access good housing and this has led to increased demand for decent houses. Major programs such as supply-side to demand side subsidies, housing allowance programs and direct assistance programs were established in 1970’s to handle the issue of housing policies.

Supply-side to demand side subsidies program has made it possible for residents in America to afford decent houses. Experimental housing allowance program was designed to increase the welfare of residents. Rental assistance programs which falls under direct and indirect assistance programs mainly concerns reduction of tax to make houses affordable to residents. Adoption of housing policies programs in America has helped to deconcentrate the poor and led to improved quality of life. The programs have made it possible for the poor or middle class to afford decent housing with little income.

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