Household task should be divided between men and women equally

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Why is a women always expected to look after housework and kids? Are these the sole responsibility of a women? In a world with each individual crying and screaming for equality, how much progress has been made toward equality in parenting?

Men have been the family representative for many years, and some say that it should remain that way. Women should provide their children moral ground and education. There is a general norm that, a women is more professional and more vivid then the men in being multi-tasking.

The female is more versatile in nature and hence, can adapt to household condition of all kind. However, men are rigid with the gift of concentration on one thing at a time and doing it with his full focus. These traits help him in work outside in office.

Moreover, previously women education was not so important and generally girls used to marry a guy which is earning more than them, this automatically makes them “less qualified” for going out and earning money as the guy is already earning more.

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But, even now in the era of global civilization, we see some stereotypical family or men forcing the women to stay at home and do all the chores. These kind of men see their wife’s as a robot, whose sole purpose is to serve him and his family. In any scenario, if the women goes out for any sort of job, it is considered as an insult to the men in the family.

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However; regarding all of this I have a different point of view.

I personally was taught and nurtured equally from both of my parents. They never considered it as one’s job. Although my mother is of very little educational background with only a BCOM degree, my father who himself is a chartered accountant, never took it as a sign of disgrace and as long as I could remember, he never showed any kind of authority in regards to education towards her. My parents always had a mutual understanding. In a world so fast moving and competitive, where resting is not an option, it’s evident that both men and women have to do work. This was realized by my parents and decided to equally divide the household chores between them. For example, when my mother is sick or out of town, my dad usually cook the meals for the entire household without any hesitation at all.

Moreover; on the other hand, when my father was unemployed recently for more than a year, my mother started a small home delivery system, where she used to cook food at home and then sell it online via different orders to business offices or schools, just to support my father in that extreme crisis. My mother never took it as a burden nor my father felt any sort of disappointment or shame in letting my mother do work. Nonetheless, by sharing their home related activities in tandem, they never neglected me or themselves to raise me or take care of my dire needs.

In a nutshell I completely support and agree that “household task can and should be divided between men and women equally” as in my view, it will not only help in strengthening the bond between husband and wife but also helps in understanding each other immensely and whatever the challenge they face, the whole idea of having a partner and supporting each other in their mundane things every day is the whole idea of starting a life together.

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Household task should be divided between men and women equally

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