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Essay on House

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Floor Wax

Our research aims to put these problems away through the use of eggplant leaves, by the use of eggplant leaves we can eliminate the problems of toxic materials exposing human and plants and making the floor wax safe to dispose at the environment because it can degrade over time plus making it 2 times more cheaper and the most important part is we can retain results, texture and luster of a commerc...

Lead and Manage Group Living for Adults

The 1989 Caring for People white paper led the way for care in the community, as well as the NHS Community Care Act 1990, which promoted independent living for people with a more flexible care service. In 200 the Care Standards Act came into place, they are basically in place to regulate all care facilities to ensure that everything within their power is being done to a satisfactory level. Along ...

IKEA: Strategic Planning Analysis

3) What strategic alternatives would you suggest IKEA employ to further penetrate the U.S. market? There are two main strategic alternatives I would suggest IKEA employ to further penetrate the U.S. market. First, I think it is important to tailor the needs of the U.S. customers in their product developments. The products should match the style of the Americans. Second, I would suggest IKEA update...

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My apartment

Then at that time my dream turned into my worst nightmares in which music being played loudly at 3 a.m. and drums being played deafeningly and people talking boisterously. Sometimes I noticed that my balcony full of dust even when the janitor came to clean my apartment. I assumed that maybe the janitor didn’t sweep the balcony properly but it turn out that the neighbors above me actually was the...

The Process of Selecting an Apartment

She was thankful that I was able to answer a lot of questions that she had and ease her mind because I had already moved in to my apartment. I told her that I was glad to help out a friends in need. I highly recommend apartment living due to the wide variety of choices out there, and the flexibility of mobility. It is also nice for a single mother to be near others in case of an emergency. Looking...

My Favorite Place: Home

The last room to explore is that room attached to the back of the great room. This room is the master suite that includes a huge queen size bed with huge posts. The cherry wood color combines well with the gold and burgundy comforter set. The gold and burgundy color continues on to the masters suite bathroom that has a huge Jacuzzi tub to the left end of the bath and a walk in shower to the right....

Gadgets like Alexa, Google Home

Architectural design for voice controlled home automation system using AlexaThe Alexa voice service is a part of Amazon Web Services. This includes an alexa app that can connect alexa enabled device like amazon echo. The app calls up a dialogue where the user logs in and selects the installation he wants to control with Alexa such as cameras, tV, lights, etc. The devices are connected via various ...

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