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Hounds of Baskerville - Main Events

Categories: Events

Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead in the alley near his home, Baskerville Hall. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson are asked by a family friend to investigate furthur. * Sir Henry, the new heir to the family inheritance, arrives from Canada to move into Baskerville Hall. However, strange things start happening. He receives a letter telling him to keep away from the moor and two of his boots go missing (a new black one, and an old brown one). They also discover that a mysterious bearded man has been following them in a cab.

Watson is asked to travel with Sir Henry to Baskerville Hall for protection. as Holmes cannot accompany him himself at the moment. * Watson meets the Barrymores and Mr. Stapleton near the Grimpen Mire, and learns about a dangerous prisoner (Seldon) that has escaped from Princetown and is currently hiding in the area. Miss Stapleton, Mr. Stapleton’s sister, mistakens Watson for Sir Henry and warns him to go back to London.

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* Sir Henry falls in love with Miss Stapleton and proposes marriage.

Her brother reacts furiously and rudely. Watson later discovers that Miss Stapleton is actually Mr. Stapleton’s wife! * Watson finds out that the escaped criminal is Mrs Barrymore’s brother. * Barrymore reveals that on the night of his death, Sir Charles was going to meet Laura Lyons, in order to help her start a buisness. Laura Lyon explains that she never got to meet Sir Charles. * Watson inspects the huts around the moor and runs into Holmes, who has been investigating undercover.

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The two of them find Selden’s dead body, dressed in Sir Henry’s clothes. * While dining, Holmes observes that the face/painting of Sir Hugo Baskerville is extremely similar to the face of someone else. Realizing the cuplrit behind all this mayhem, Holmes comes up with a plan. * The group waits outside of the culprit’s home. Sir Henry (unknowingly dining with the culprit) is attacked by a huge hound. Luckily, the hound is shot down, but the culprit is no where to be seen. They look for him the next day, unsuccessfully, as they find him dead.

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