Hotel Tour - The Evaluation

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Remington Hotel is located near NAIA 3, beside the Resorts World Manila. The hotel is great however has some flaws that has a requirement to deal with understanding the hotel is ranked as 4-star. As a hotel, they must fix and keep facilities as it is required. But when we arrived to the hotel, among their interior design is not operating, which is a demerit for their hotel. And no personnel from the department of repair work is fixing it. The hallway of the hotel is very basic, as a 4-star hotel, being stylish yet elegant is a must, but then, we felt like we remain in a dormitory as we strolled through the hallway and corridors.

The elevator is well functioning, the advantage about their elevator is their ving card system, where in a guest can just go to a specific floor where his/her space lies. The space is alright. I can not say that is great because it does not has a tiny bar which is one of the requirements of a guest space, also, the bathroom is not spacious, and it does not have a bath tub.

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Also, I did not saw their medical spa and health club, which I doubted they have in addition to their convention halls.

Their workers are accommodating, excellent looking, and practice being hygienic. The female workers’s hair remain in bun, they wear a light make up, and appropriate uniform, while guys workers’s hair are correctly trimmed, and they wear correct uniform.

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Another thing I am worried about is their reception area is far from the doors of the hotel. Which I believe will not work due to the fact that the guests will still try to find it instead of seeing it upon getting in the hotel.

Resorts World Manila is such an extremely stylish, luxurious location for unwinding, relaxation, and naturally, for entertainment. It is an all in one facility. It has a gambling establishment, a lineup of very first class bars and clubs, dining establishments, and the Newport mall. However, there are some downsides. In order to get in the facility, you need to be 18 years old and above, or accompanied by an adult, you need to have enough cash to wander around the area, naturally, this is a location for abundant individuals.

The Seminars we attended when we had our hotel tour is very beneficial for each and every one of us students especially when we already entered the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. From Meal Management, though it is not that good because it is very basic, and it has been already discussed by our dearest Prof. Elizabeth Guevarra. It is beneficial for us in the sense that when we wanted to enter F&B sector, we know how to operate it and how we can serve our guests finely. We are able to serve them in the best way. In F&B sector, mastery of the skills is a must in order to get appreciated by the large number of guests coming in to your food establishment.

The Purchasing and Cost Control Seminar we had at Genting Star Tourism Academy (GSTA) is very helpful for us when we chose to have our own food establishment in the near future or we want to be a purchaser of a restaurant or in the hotel. We can use what we learned form the seminar to fit in with the standards of being a certified purchaser or a food establishment owner.

The Front Office Management seminar we had again, at GSTA, is one of my favorite seminars we had, we learned a lot, and it is very beneficial and favorable for some who wants to be in front desk of a hotel or Cruise ship. We learned that there is a separate reservation system from hotel and cruise ship. There is Opera Full Service, and Fidelio Cruise. Both used as a reservation system and it is easy to use.

The House Keeping Seminar we had at GSTA helped us a lot since we knew that lots of General Managers or at least top employees in the hotel are from the housekeeping department because they know most of the circulations in the hotel. In the lecture, the speaker told us that as a house keeper who needs to make up 16 rooms in 2 hours, he must acquire a number of assistant to help the house keeper out and not making himself being in a hurry.

When cleaning a guest room, a house keeper must clean first the ceiling, then the walls, and lastly the floor. As we had our bed making demonstration from one of the graduates and employee of GSTA, we learned that when you make the bed, you must work complementing being fast and working with grace. To be more efficient, a housekeeper must work in the way that he/she will be more comfortable with. We learned that it is much easier to miter the linens if you use your knees to lift the mattress. Also, a house keeper must wear comfortable clothes to move freely and make the bed very well.

After the said demonstration about housekeeping, we got the chance to try making our own beds in our hotel rooms. When we get back to our respective rooms, we are ordered to make the bed and take pictures for documentations. But sadly, the house keeper and other staffs of Remington Hotel and Marsman Drysdale designated 15 students in one bed which made us a bit annoyed because we will not be able to execute our trial very well. Here’s our photo documentation for bed making:

My roommates are Jerome Paul Misa and Richard Mark Oliveros. Martin Tioseco is not our roommate but he decided to have his bed making trial with us since the employees are rushing us and we have no time to make the bed group by group.

a.Before Return-Demonstration Procedures

b. While working on Bed Making Procedures

c. Finish Product of a Well-Made Bed Set-up

The theme park is not just for Lodging, Casino, Malls, and Bars, they also have the Newport Performing Arts Theatre in where we watched the King and I show, it is also a great experience for us to enter the theatre of Resorts World Manila. Also, they offer free shuttle service for guests who checked-in in their corresponding hotels: Maxims Hotel, Marriott Hotel, and Remington Hotel. Also, it is offered free for Resorts World Member which we got on the night of day 1. Resorts World Manila offers free membership card for everyone to earn points and as an ID to enter the Resorts World Manila.

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