Hotel Reservation System Essay

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Hotel Reservation System


A hotel is an establishment that accommodates people. The hotel can also be a place where tourist can stay for a limited time. In a hotel the workers are always smiling and polite. The system of the business today have many innovations and advancements, one of the example is the computerization. We cannot deny that we are now in much more technologically improvement and especially for business, shifting from manual process to automation and computerize.

There are many of businesses today that use the existing manual process for different reasons and purposes, hotel business is not exception. Millions of business available here in the region, hotel are consistent this kind of business requires lots of investments and proper usage of assets and resources and to back it up with advanced type of business system will surely aid in its success. And the main purpose of this study is focuses on to have the hotel efficient business in a way of giving the users convenience and help to increase the contribution in a field of IT and society.

Background of the Study

In the time of Monding De Guzman, the mayor before Bayani Fernando, the building is existing but only it is just a tenement housing for employees. And the building was left behind. After that there are many proposal and feasibility study to the building. But no one materialized.

In 2003, the city government of Marikina City under Mayor Marides Fernando decided to make the building a hotel, because the focus of the city government of Marikina is to promote tourism. The hotel is part of the transcendence. Initially no one knows how to run a hotel. So, the city government entered to a contract with Genesis Hotel, but they managed the hotel for only 5 months. The city government started looking for other management entity. The city government entered to a contract again with Hoteliers. When the contract of Hoteliers has ended, it come along the Typhoon Ondoy happened. After, the incident the hotel was forlorn because the city government focuses on helping people and improving the disaster prevention of the city, So they have to self-sustained themselves.

In the governance of Mayor Del De Guzman, he insisted not to contract anymore, but to lease the building to Prime Global Hotel, to gain profit. The Marikina hotel is a business owned by the city government.

The problem of the business is they use a manual procedure to reserve and check-in of customers which they write in a information card. The information card that is made which will remain at the front desk and if it was lost or destroyed there is no other information that they can use. For the transaction, they manually write down all the specific information and details of the customer.

The proponents aim to develop an integrated system utilizing Local Area Network.

This will make transaction easier, reliable and faster in terms of checking-in and checking-out of hotel guest. It will keep the records of transaction more reliable, secured and presentable compared to manual operated system. A computer-based system will enhance the procedure of transaction and it will be a big help to owner and staff to save the records of the transactions easily. The computer based system will ensure that the company will be highly secured, updated and maintained customer need.

Statement of the Problem

The general objective of the study is to design and develop an Automated Reservation System For Marikina Hotel Utilizing Local Area Network (LAN) Technology that will provide the user to specify the problem that are encountered by the staff of Marikina Hotel.

The proponents would like to answer the following problems of the existing system the company implements.

1. Low in Security

2. The current system uses filing cabinet for record keeping

3. Difficult in searching and retrieving files

4. Possible loss of records and retrieving files

5. Difficult in finding the availability of rooms

Objectives of the Study

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. This study aims to solve the problems encountered and to change the manual reservation.

1. The proposed system will provide a security module to increase the security between the management and clients.

2. The proposed system will have a dedicated database that can contain large amount of data.

3. The proposed system will provide a search module to spend less time in searching and retrieving of files.

4. The proposed system will include backup storage to be used for emergency or in every successful transaction.

5. The proposed system will have a monitoring module to lessen time consume, generate inventory rooms of all available rooms in the hotel and will save time effort.

Scope and Limitations

The Security module should provide a unique username and password for him and her to make transactions within the system. There will be two level of access, first level is the administrator, the administrator is granted full access within the system and is responsible in maintaining and monitoring the transaction made. The second level is the receptionist. The receptionist has the privilege to input the room to be reserved and other services. The security also include that the password contains six to twelve (6-12) alphabet and numeric value. The forgot password which will help the user get his/her forgotten password but before that, they must ask first the administrator to get the password.

The Registration/Verification is a register form will be given to the customer that should input the required information such as Last Name, First Name, Address, gender, birthdate, age, Check-in, Check-out, Number of days and number of adult and child. In the verification module, the system will verify if the current date has been reserved by another customer. They will choose a corresponding date that has not yet occupied by the customer.

The Reservation module will help the client and customer to reserve a room or a function hall in the current date. There will be one week of reservation to be verified before it expires. They will choose the corresponding date in Check-in and Check-out of reservation. The possibility to create reservations for other users, and provides also restrictions in the maximum number of reservations a user can make and a maximum time a reservation can be made in advance.

The Cancellation module allows the user to cancel the reserved room for a particular date through the reservation officer. This module permits the user to know the status of the reserved room before and after the cancellation. The admin can also cancel a reservation if the required payment has not been satisfied.

The Payment module provides information on how the client will pay. When the client is reserving a room the client must pay a down payment. If the client failed to attend the said date of reservation, the client will not be able to make a refund. And if the client is checking-in he or she must pay the said amount. The computation of payment is depending on how many days are staying in the hotel, excluding the other services you will avail. After the system will compute the total bill to be paid. And the system will generate an Official Receipt.

The report module is the part of the system that will generate the different types of report such as customer information, available rooms, occupied rooms, payment, transactions, check-in/check-out information. This report will be generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In the maintenance module the administrator can manage data in suck a way that he and she can add a particular room or other services in the hotel, edit a specific information or room if the customer is willing to change its destination and update the amount of rates in every particular type of room. If the receptionist accidentally delete the database, the administrator has a CD or a storage device that serves a backup of the database to avoid loss of information.

The monitoring module is the regular observation and recording of the activities that takes place in the business. It shows all the status of rooms and suggestions that the customers wrote. It will give the owner a fast and reliable report with the corresponding date, time and reservations that occurred on the client/customer for the transaction made. They can view all of the room if its vacant or occupied.

In this search module, the administrator or receptionist can find a specific room by the typing the room number to determine whether it is vacant or occupied by the customer. Each room has a unique code for searching in the room inventory. On the other hand, if the customer wants to know his and her companion they will search a particular name to retrieve any information they need. This module presents all the records that the user wants to locate.

The help module will serve as an aid for the user to navigate and familiarize him and herself on the interface. Also, there will be a tutorial that will provide important information regarding the system to guide new users across the interface.

The gallery module will help the client to have a view of the different rooms or event hall that they want to reserve.

The other services module contains the other services that is offered by the hotel.

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