Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Essay

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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

(1)The first thing I would do if I found out I was going to be evacuated from my home is start crying. Knowing that I will be separated from humanity I will also begin to become crazy, knowing what happens too all these people at the camps families suffering and loosing each other by being separated and killed will destroy me. The last hours I have at home I will pack few of my clothes, toothbrush, money, weapons and a journal not a diary because IM A MAN! Why would I pick to bring a journal instead of everything else I might poses you might be thinking is because since I am a man I probably will stay alive and get to write about my daily struggles I will be having in the internment camp. I would be forced to leave behind my phone, my computer, and mostly all my electronics because I wouldn’t want to risk being tracked. My list reveals that I’m going to be weak without all my things that I live on daily this evacuation will change my whole life and family.

I actually don’t believe the Japanese Internment compares to the Holocaust, even though everyone has their right to their own opinions I don’t believe they compare. Because so many more Jews were killed during the Holocaust then Japanese being killed in the camps and no offense but the treatment the Jews were given from the Germans were way harsher than the U.S to the Japs. The Japanese had less camps and were given better treatment like food they were sent to these camps so the U.S. could view them and make sure that they weren’t spies. The Jew were sent to the camps and instantly put to work given numbers to represent when they were next to be killed.

 Both sides of the internment were one U.S. getting involved was a good idea or a bad one. The United States putting most Japanese into internment camps can be seen as a bad idea because American is known for the Land of the Free. The U.S. putting most Japanese people into camps is definetley unconstitutional it makes people question is America really the Land of the Free? Obviously we know as we read America was just trying to be safe at this time, because in 1942 Roosevelt signs a Relocation in the United States because they believed that the Japanese were a threat to America. We were fighting against them at this time and they just didn’t want threats because they did believe that even though they came to America they still are going to give information to Japan. That’s why in the book we saw Keikos former teacher be taken away by the “FBI” because they believed he was a spy.

They still got an education, made a low salary and were given food in these camps it wasn’t like they were being slaves. I believe it was a good idea for America to get involved I think they did it smartly too they gave the Japanese camps where they would stay at and have their life I know you’re going to write but it’s not the same they are being forced to move but at this time they were being accused of being spies and doing bad things. Some people also just moved to America and where put into a camp where they can get a place to live, money and food instead of living on the street. It’s also only Japanese people so you’re with your kind. I guess I’m using a Jewish point of view because in our religion we are supposed to only marry Jewish people so I see this as a good thing being together as a race, but also we learn from our past.

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