Hotel Model Essay

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Hotel Model

The hotel model is where support staff do things for the people they look after and then become observers by not doing things for themselves. Active support is a way of ensuring people are able to engage and take part in their own support by having a person centred plan for them. Promoting Independence help the people I work with to regain or learn new skills to live there everyday life Informed Choice making sure the patient knows all the options that are available to them so they can make a choice of what they want to do Valued life is the balance of activities that contribute to a good quality of life for the patients including domestic, personal, leisure, social actives and education Active support is a person centred model that is focused on the Individual and their needs it promotes independence by allowing the individual to do things for themselves, however small. Being independent doesn’t mean being completely on their own, but being Supported to do things for themselves.

It also gives them an informed choice the individual is given thorough information in order to make informed choices Themselves and valued life by giving them access to a good quality of life with all the different services and activities that are on offer The three elements in positive interaction that promote the individuals participation in an activity are naturally occurring reward (cup of tea they made for themselves) praise from staff and peers or getting to do an activity that they enjoy.

I would speak to the patient and use visual aids and give them all the relevant information so they can make an informed choice. Highlight the potential risks and benefits and rehearsing the journey, where appropriate. I would make sure they have had their medication prior to the journey and that they take any medication they require with them for the journey they want to take. I would make a social story to explain what was going to happen and where we are going from leaving the unit to returning and ask the individual if this was ok.

I would check the section 17 status for the patient, the seating plan for the vehicle and the patitais care plan for any new procedures the risks, dangers and difficulties associated with making journeys with the individual I work with, that they are wearing their seat belt. I would review the journey, with individuals, key people and others whether the journey met the planned outcomes and any changes that should be made for future journeys. I would ask the individual if they had a good time the things they liked about the trip the things they didn’t like and feed this back through the actives sheet for the trip.

Fill out the activities sheet and the section 17 Leave form My assessor can see the forms I have completed. An individual’s participation represents the balance of activity associated with a valued life by joining in with the group, building social skills and friendships learning how to interact with peers and carers. Making choices for themselves, learning new skills, getting exercise and new domestic skills. Giving positive reinforcement through praise and rewards helps the individual to feel valued and part of the group

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