Hotel and Lodging Establishments Function

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* Establishment that charges fees for providing furnished sleeping accommodations to persons who are temporarily away from home or who consider these accommodations their temporary or permanent homes. * It is made up of companies that provide overnight accommodations to the travelling public – food, beverages, entertainment, recreation, and meeting facilities. * They also provide accommodations to both travelers and non – travelers. Basic Terminologies for Lodging Facilities

* Inn – a small, typically rural, lodging establishment that may or may not serve food. * Hotels – are multi-storied lodging facilities which range in size from 20 rooms to hundred of rooms.

* Motels – caters to travellers with automobiles and provides self-service parking on premises. * Lodge – associated with a particular type of outdoor activity, such as ski lodge or hunting lodge.

* Resorts – usually located at popular vacation locations; offer recreational activities such as golf, tennis, or casino gambling. * Guest houses or Tourist homes – are privately owned homes where the owners rent individual bedrooms to visitors. * Bed and Breakfast (B&Bs) – United Kingdom and North America; these are smaller, more intimate and less expensive than hotels and motels.

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* Condominium (Condos) – refers to apartments in high-rise buildings located mostly on recreational areas; a housing unit with kitchen, living room, sleeping area and bathroom.

* Boarding House – a residential facility that provides lodging and meals for guests who normally consider the facility their home, temporarily or permanently. * Dormitory – affiliated with some educational or other institution that provides sleeping accommodations for those in residence. * Nursing Home – provides lodging and food service for people requiring nursing or related care.

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Classification of Lodging Establishments

Function and Primary Market a. Convention Hotel – have the capability of hosting conferences and meetings; have multiple meeting rooms and often large spaces where trade shows can be held. *Conventions are primary source of business.

b. Commercial Hotel – located in the center-city for the convenience of the business traveller; have business centers and full-in room modem connections. c. Resort Hotel – attracts pleasure travellers or vacation seekers; offers recreational activities when it comes to horseback riding, physical fitness training, golfing, and other water activities. d. Casino Hotel – “sleep cheap, yet spend big”; low room rates and low food costs due to the profits are made through gaming. e. Extended Stay – (Suite Properties) guests who need long-term accommodations; has kitchen and sitting rooms in each unit.

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Hotel and Lodging Establishments Function

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