Have you ever heard about the exploratory essay? This article is going to be informative for you. Are you wondering why? Keep reading and find out.

Surfing the Internet, you can come across different definitions for this type of writing. Some of them are wordage and confuse students. That is why we intend to reveal the essence of the exploratory essay.

As it turned out, the question related to the main goal of this paper is controversial. Some scholars are sure that such professional essay doesn’t persuade the audience in the credibility of the submitted results. It should contain different ways of research and assumptions. It means that you can give the statements, prove it; and in another paragraph offer other variants of study and results.

On the other hand, exploratory essays are retrospective writings, where the author explains why he had picked this object for investigation, highlights when and how the research was completed. The exploratory essay will describe your working process that requires explanation and writing.

The most important thing of any paper is logically built structure, and this paper is not an exception. Here we have the same three components:

  1. Introduction. This is the beginning of your essay that is why it should be interesting and original. The first paragraph should invoke people to read your study. Here you can discuss the causes of the problem, scientists who belong to this scientific area, and possible solutions.
  2. Main body is the longest part of the writing. Here the exploratory essay will comprise the description of the research process. Moreover, here you have to present information related to your attitude to the problem. We highly recommend you to highlight the basic source that serves as a ground for the investigation; name the crucial moments from the sources that are essential for your paper.
  3. Conclusion. It is a final but not less important part where you summarize your stages, methods, and results. This last paragraph should comprise the information about possible practical implementation of this information. Moreover, you have to use effective and persuasive words to prove the credibility of the investigation.

Undoubtedly, no work can exist without structure. Can you name another essential element that is basic for writing? You are right; it is the topic. This critical theme is at the center of the investigation. According to survey, most students face difficulties while choosing an interesting topic for the exploratory paper.

We have to remember that the best exploratory topic for such type of work has to:

  • be interesting for many people;
  • be controversial issue;
  • be the problem that you can research;
  • include both practical and theoretical information;
  • comprise two sides of argue.

Now it is a high time to present you theme groups for exploratory essay topics. It is not completed as can be extended with other suggestions.

  1. Modern technologies (The advantages of WWW.)
  2. Education (What are the reasons of school?)
  3. Marriage (When should couples marry?)
  4. Social media and face to face interaction (How should men and women communicate?)
  5. Genetic engineering
  6. Medicine
  7. Environment (What should the humankind be in 10 years?)