Hospitality Operation Management Essay

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Hospitality Operation Management

Executive Summary

This report is based on the findings from Tripadvisor that aimed to examine theissues of in Bella Vista Hotel and Resort Langkawi and provided therecommendations for improving housekeeping management in the futureexpansion. The findings in this report are according to the comments fromguests who had been staying in Bella Vista Hotel and Resort previously and makethe judgments on those serious issues in this particular hotel. The studyconfirmed the existing of inappropriate hotel housekeeping operation andmanagement would strongly influence the image of hotel and lead this hoteltowards low revenue.

This report discusses on four issues of Bella Vista Hoteland Resort which are room hygiene and cleanliness concerns, inappropriatemaintenance, bathroom and amenities as well as inconsistent manpowermanagement and other service. Because of the massive growth of travelers around the world, the guests‟ perception to the hotel rooms have been shifted differently compared the past. Hotel guests are looking forward a comfortableroom and proper hotel management when they are staying in particular hotel toincrease the satisfaction of guests. It is shown that the comments from hotelguests are effective means of evaluating the issues of Bella Vista Hotel andResort and the application of recommendations are highlighted.

Introduction to assignment objectives

Hospitality environment has always played a key role in the tourism and hotelculture. Lodging or Accommodation with service is the center of any hotel in theworld, but recently, it has been facing many problems. Society nowadays shiftsthe concerns from traditional style with high-class service and room amenities tothe flexibly modern way of saving money or budget oriented style due to thechanges of preferences, economic crisis and other external factors. Guestsbecome smarter and pickier when they choose the hotel to stay. The hotelsattempting to succeed have to forecast what the new trend is.

And they alsoshould consider of combining two elements of luxury and budget in one coreproduct  room (Power, 2005).Malaysia is early named as one of the most popular tourist destinationsworldwide. With its significant hot spots, especially in island areas, tourists areincreasingly coming to Malaysia and enjoying their trip with affordable price.Langkawi islands (Malaysia) and its hotels serve a thousand of tourists annually,which means to sustain the quality and quantity, the hotels in this isolated islandput as much effort as possible. With the combination of the custom ers‟ expectation factors such as low rate and high quality in service, the frequency of guests‟ returns inclines tremendously in Langkawi. However, in an isolated area with many issues can be happened, and to solve the problems, it could beanalyzed critically and particularly.

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