Hospitality Management Essay

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Hospitality Management

Investigate the range of hospitality businesses in your district. How many are there? What faction / section of the industry do they cater for? Make notes for a brief report on what you discover?

I investigated the range of hospitality business in my district. My district is Midleton area in County Cork. I found six hospitality businesses in my area:

Midleton Park Hotel
Barnabrow House
Ballymaloe House
Castlemartyr Resort
Garryvoe Hotel
Bayview Hotel

Midleton Park Hotel:

Midleton Park Hotel, Co Cork is a 3 star hotel.
The Hotel is situated in the bustling East Cork market town of Midleton, located just 14 miles (15 mins drive) from Cork City, this luxury 3 star Irish hotel is perfect for accommodation, conference & meetings, weddings, leisure, and for wellness.The hotel boasts extensive Leisure Club facilities and has a Wellness Centre specialising in the Yonka range of spa products.

Barnabrow House:

Barnabrow Country House located in Cloyne, Co Cork, dating from 1639, has been lovingly and extensively restored over the past ten years. It now proudly stands as one of the most stunning wedding venues in Munster. It sprawls over 35 acres, has 22 individually-designed bedrooms and a large medieval-style banqueting hall that seats 150 guests as well as some traditional self-catering cottages.

This is a private family run estate with a medieval-style banqueting hall for those special events – weddings, family celebrations, private parties, christenings and meetings. Barnabrow Country House is a private & intimate wedding venue in Ireland. This is the ideal wedding venue in Cork for those searching for something different but at affordable prices. The Bride and Groom and their guests are guaranteed complete privacy through exclusive use of the estate for that special day. Barnabrow House is approved for Civil Ceremonies and Civil Partnerships and can seat 75 people for the ceremony.

They also have a range of holiday homes, spacious and well-equipped self-catering cottages – a unique Irish experience where old and new have been superbly combined. Barnabrow is not a hotel – it is a family home and a home to children and their pets. They are welcome children. They have 7 donkeys, 2 goats, geese and dogs Barnabrow is the ideal retreat for any intimate party.

Cork’s only 1 table restaurant where you can watch and converse with the Chef Stuart Bowes while he prepares your 5-course dinner right in front of you as you sit at the chef’s table. They also have seasonal cookery courses.

Ballymaloe House

Ballymaloe House, the renowned Irish country house hotel and restaurant owned and run by the Allen family for over 40 years. Nestled in a 400 acre estate in rural East Cork, Ballymaloe House is only 20 miles from the historic city of Cork, and minutes from the breathtaking south coast.

The Grain Store is the latest addition to Ballymaloe House. It is a 17th century farmyard building that was sensitively converted into an elegant multi-purpose venue. It is available to be used for conferences, art exhibitions, weddings, concerts, parties, dances, fashion shows, fund raisers and family event. All rooms are decorated to the highest standard, combining modern comforts with timeless elegance and an eye for detail. Each room has its own name and own distinct character, and all have private bathrooms as standard. They also have a limited number of self catering cottages situated in the farmyard. The hotel facilities include: Heated outdoor pool (summer only); Tennis court.
Young families and high mid-age income couples would be the most important to bring to this area. These two social group have the time and money to go on holidays. Young families with children always going somewhere, because „spending time together” is very important for them. High income mid-age couples also has claim to go for holiday, because they have money and they are still active. I would promote these two social groups to give some lift
for this area.

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