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Essay on Hospitality Industry

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Malpractice in the medical field

As someone aspiring to be in the medical field, I find that it can be challenging on so many levels. The chances of making an error is very high and the repercussions have many considering other, less challenging fields. As rewarding as it can be, it has to be something you really want in order to venture into the medical field. The possibility of malpractice suits and the necessary protection tha...

Performance pay for MGOA Physicians (A)

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Professor Jason R. Barro, Kevin J. Bozic, MD (MBA 2001), and Research Associate Aaron M. G. Zimmerman prepared the original version of this case, Performance Pay for MGOA Physicians (A), HBS No. 902-159 which is being replaced by this version prepared by the same authors. Some names in ...

Online Management System for Yeha Hotel Reservation

Currently the management system of Yeha Hotel is computerized. But, the system is not well developed .It doesn’t include all function like; from where the customer comes, amount of payment for reservation ,what they are doing currently .It the hotel is under several problems that negatively affects the reliability, performance, efficiency and effectiveness of day to day activities. Some of the m...

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Food and Beverage Manager’s Perspective

Secondly, manager must consider the food production areas and equipment. An efficient workflow established can create a tight, smooth and productive food service operation. Afterwards, an adequate work space and suitable work sections are required to provide to employees. For example, kitchen space sometimes will be minimized in order to make more room for customers. That lead to the kitchen space...

All Calculations Used to Arrive at Solutions

Community Hospital has annual net patient revenues of $150 million. At the present time, payments received by the hospital are not deposited for six days on average. The hospital is exploring a lockbox arrangement that promises to cut the six days to one day. If these funds released by the lockbox arrangement can be invested at 8 percent, what will the annual savings be? Assume the bank fee will b...

Quality Improvement Plan Final

In conclusion, the responsibility of quality improvement is shared by all members of the health care team and includes the patient. Importance and relevance of quality indicators is influenced by internal and external factors. At The Women’s Hospital, efforts are made to incorporate the role of the consumer in improving the quality of care delivered and through collaboration achieve optimal outc...

Travel Industry and Market Segmentation

Banyan Tree is consistent in all it’s different product types in the fact that it focuses on pampering the guest and providing the ultimate luxurious experience. To support the theme of luxury, Banyan Tree’s products are highly priced. This is because consumers usually associate higher priced products to be of better quality. Banyan Tree promoted themselves with the “Romance of Travel” cam...

Drowling Mountain in Hospitality Industry

This theory also implies though that you would need to attract more customers with lower prices to get back to the profit levels earned while they were charging higher prices. This is where the implementation of alternative two comes into place. The additional alternative to provide year round services would be an instrumental opportunity at retaining customers. Drowling would have the opportunity...

Group Roles

We were having many issues with one of our sub groups performing to task and another sub group would clean things up if they could. We analyzed the groups and kept asking what made the others work but not this one… the carrier team had five sections with four desks in each section since it fit better that way. All the desks were full except one group had three people this being the problem group...

The Sofitel Philippine Plaza

This hotel is one of the best because it holds one of the continent resto(spiral). The spiral: manila most exciting concept restaurant with multi-cuisine open-cooking sation serving from China, India, Japan,Europe, South Asia and medeterranean as well as an extensive wine cellar collection, it also has private dining, Sofitel Phillipine plaza has “lebar” a bistro a bar and library in one offer...

Villa Peńa Resort Information System for Reservation

After the estimated cost and the system by now is developed, Villa Peña Resort can completely utilize the system. The system who will be benefited: (1) The Management, the Villa Peña Resort can be able to make a fast, accurate and complete services than existing manual system. (2) Front Desk Officer, the paper works will be minimize while all the transaction will be directly stored to the databa...

Patels Immigrants in Hospitality Industry

"According to the Asian American Hotel Association (A.A.H.O.A), 50 percent of hotels and motels in the United States are owned by people of Indian Origin".[citation needed] A large immigrant population of Gujurati's came in the 1960s and 1970s. These Patels known as the founding fathers, worked hard and saved then invested in a lot of properties. Having a steady amount income and savings, they cal...

Sandals Resort in Hospitality Industry

The branding that they are all-inclusive could help. If an individual is looking to take a vacation and spend this amount of money, it could be cheaper in the long run to spend one low price on everything rather than separate prices for everything separately. Other branding such as a place to go for love or romance could hinder single individuals from going, hoping to find someone to connect with....

Hotel Consultation and Customer Services at Dreschler Hotel

I found an advantage would be the increasing revenue by adding things such as a bar, spa, hot tubs, gyms and restaurants. This usually is an upper end hotel and they attract a lot of customers or guests and then the money and revenue will start coming in faster. Another benefit is the owner can sell the units much quicker and then can also hire a management company to run it for him and still brin...

Global Scene of Hospitality and Travel Sector

Not only that, if the future trends as observed by BHA (2009) has anything to go by, cultural competency might become an official requirement for all who are working in this industry, or who aspires to join here. Keeping an eye to the increasing state of hospitality sector worldwide, the opportunity of bagging coveted jobs abroad has also become a point of concern to the aspiring youths and from t...

Dubai Palm Island in Hospitality Industry

This will not only add physical beauty to the island but will also spare the fresh water resources on the islands. In general it can be said that though the project has some negative effects on the environment, its overall effects are quite beneficial to the environment in terms of adding physical beauty and development of new species of flora and fauna which will lead to increased biodiversity....

Casebook Method in Hospitality Industry

To fulfill that mission, TRP should grow as fast as possible, considering the financial consideration rather than the objective. The targets strongly for growing by certifying contractors. Students usually enjoy discussing these trade-offs, as this discussion forces them to get to the heart of the conflict between TRP’s mission and the constraint sit faces. For various reasons, TRP ha sended up ...

Visit To A Hospital

As a whole, the entire hospital presents a very gloomy look when I left the hospital. The plight of the patients and the curiousness of the atmosphere prevailing there touched me deep within. The behavior of doctors and nurses are worthy of commendations. They acted most wisely and ably in handling problems of the patients. When I came out of the hospital, I realized that there is a whole lot of d...

Hospital Accreditation

Quality of care has become an essential part of the management and evaluation of healthcare. It has become a prime consideration to ensure patient satisfaction. Therefore, NABH promotes continuous training and development programs for hospital staffs for improving the service quality acquired in healthcare units. In future, proper standardization is needed in the hospitals for safety of patients. ...

Gambling Industry: The TallTree2 Hotel Casino

If walk-in customers are turned down, those customers are not likely to stay at the hotel or even gamble at the casino in the future. Some quantitative elements should be included like customer satisfaction. The event’s success shouldn’t only be evaluated in terms of profitability. With the casino and hotel departments being evaluated as profit centers and the food and beverage departments run...

Professionalism in Grooming and Etiquette Scope

In a nutshell, what I could conclude from this assignment work is that grooming and etiquette is very important to a person to succeed in life. I have learnt and able to capture many important points as well it made me realize that grooming and etiquette is the main aspect in my career which I am going to be involved after my studies. I will always carry myself and ensure I ...

Universal Studios Amusement Park in Hospitality Industry

For the first problem as mentioned above, vistors did not want to be disturbed when they were enjoying their game activities. So I have to wait for them until midday because they usually have a rest after playing many game activities. This time is so great to catch them and complete the survey questions. For the second proplem, I have found a key to break the communication barrier. That is body la...

Responsibilities and Duties in Hospitality Industry

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in storing linens and wearing apparel, assembling loads for DRIVER, SALES ROUTE, and maintaining stock in linen supply establishments: Assigns duties to workers. Inventories articles in stock, such as table linens, bed sheets, towels, and uniforms, and confers with SUPERINTENDENT, LAUNDRY to request replacement of articles in short supply. C...

Hospitality Accommodation Preparations

howevwer this not the main attribute to the greatness of the hotel but the well organised front office system which makes it convenient for all processing of the transactions both quantitatively and qualitatively within short time frame. In conclusion the use of the front office has the greatest advantage to both the customer and the business organisation employing it. Since it’s easier to be in...

Phuket Beach Resort

Beach Karaoke pub project does not considered salary as excess man power is available but if we considered cost of staff salary, Beach Karaoke pub becomes less attractive. There are many factors that cannot be quantified but they need to be addressed for the evaluation of the projects including Security issues. Additional security guards can be hired to maintain law and order but the costs of extr...

Marriott Rooms Forecasting

Finally the most likely situations are analyzed and discussed like a lay man and the revenue is calculated to conclude which option should be suitable and concluding that the most likely scenario will be the 5th option. In all the calculations through different methods used one can conclude that Snow should accept the 60 rooms reservations as the turnout in weekends is comparatively low when the h...

Radisson Blu Nice Hotel Case Study

However, on the 9th of March, 2002, the fire occurred on the 4th floor of the hotel Radisson Blu, 237 people were evacuated from the heat source and 13 guests were poisoned by carbon monoxide gas (newsru. com, 2002). There was a suggestion of two main causes of fire incident such as a short circuit in the air conditioning in the room and the arson, which was organized in order to avoid a competiti...

Globalization Within the Hospitality Industry

To sustain revenue growth in the premium market, operating a chain of hotels is often an important strategy as it reduces dependence on tourism in any particular location. However, in order to open an international chain of hotels, regulations in terms of real estate and buying abroad need to be taken into consideration and can therefore be restrictive in some countries. The purchase, leasing, and...

Glacier Inn Hotel Business

When guests arrive at the hotel, staff could ask two questions: What do you want to experience? What are you not looking for? So that customers do feel pushed or pressured into experiences that’s are out of their fitness level. Lastly, we believe that the individualized rooms will be an excellent way to attract customers to stay in each room. By pre-planning and designing each rooms theme the h...

Columbia Memorial Hospital

I think by trying the marketing plan for at least a year will give them some data to go off (as to whether or not the marketing helped) of and an option to stay open for longer. It is almost like a second shot, a reopening and image boost. It might be hard to cover the initial costs of the marketing program, but the payoff will be positive and essential provide the clinic with a higher patient vol...

JFK's Assisinations

During the drive he noticed bullet holes in the windshield and in a chrome molding strip. In Cincinnati, the molding was replaced with a brand new strip, and Renas was ordered by a Secret Service agent, Keep your mouth shut. The Secret Service agents again were afraid that the truth was going to come out. It is very shameful that a man with so much to live for, so much to give to America, was take...

Evaluation plan

We had to decrease our hours earlier this year due to staffing issues to support troop deployments, but we now have additional civilian staff to support the earlier hours again. Now, the important thing for us to do is ensure that we market our new earlier hours to our patients to ensure that they know about them. We also want to ensure that they understand that we are doing this to help suit thei...

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