Horror Film and Halloween Essay

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Horror Film and Halloween

Halloween is the one time of year when it okay to dress up as anything you want to be and it’s also when you can be celebrating all things horror and dead. Halloween started out as the celebration of the dead but has now grown into a wonderful time of costumes and decoration of scary fictional creatures. Dressing up as a scary character or a character you adore is one of the many perks of Halloween. Going to costume parties with friends and celebrating Halloween together. Watching horror movies and television specials about Halloween is exciting and it feels like more the holiday mood. Halloween is a celebration of the horror genre, dressing up and enjoying this holiday with people. Costumes are very important when it comes to celebrating Halloween. Children enjoy going out on Halloween and trick-or-treating with their costumes to celebrate (Halloween). For an older and mature get together some adults enjoy going to costume parties with their peers.

In the olden days it was typical for costumes to be scary but nowadays people tend to dress up as their favourite pop star or a favourite character from a movie. Costumes are enjoyed by many people to be something scary or someone they admire. Going to a party or throwing a party is always expected to done during Halloween. This holiday celebration is enjoyed by everyone in certain countries. Many people attend a Halloween party to enjoy the costume their friends are wearing. The snacks and drinks are shaped and decorated as creepy creatures for the effects of Halloween. Even the music is themed to make the effects to feel realistic. People are attracted to Halloween and going to parties and enjoying it with friends is one of the many perks of this holiday. Enjoying the Halloween and getting into the spirit of this holiday makes it more enjoyable.

The Halloween episode of a favourite T.V. shows really adds effects to the enjoyment of the season. This celebration is mostly about the mood of being scared and watching a lot of horror movies. The media has a huge influence on Halloween from movies, television specials and even themed music. Halloween is celebrated widely in certain countries. Halloween is a wonderful and exciting celebration made up by traditions and is enjoyed in certain countries. People enjoy dressing up as a favourite fictional character or someone real like a favourite role model. Going to parties and enjoying your costumes and celebrating this holiday with your friends. Most media like T.V shows will often make special episode for Halloween. People are attracted to Halloween because it is a unique Holiday that celebrates the dead.

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