Hong Kong Wealth Gap Essay

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Hong Kong Wealth Gap

According to the “Development of the Human Race Report”, which published in 2005, the wealth gap of Hong Kong is the widest within the thirty high living standard countries/regions. Local View The rich is getting richer, and the poor is getting poorer. For instance, in 2001, 10% of the highest income family in Hong Kong, their natural income still had 5% growth after the 97 Financial Storms. On the other hand, the natural income of 60% Hong Kong family kept decreasing at the same time.

Sometime, the wealth gap problem is a type of circulation. For example, some poor is living in poverty life because he/she had low educational level and he/she now cannot afford the education fee for their children, when the children grow up, they will remain poor or even poorer. Yet out of Hong Kong’s seven million residents, an estimated 1. 25 million people are living below the poverty line. You may ask what does the life of poor people look like. Well, nothing, they have nothing at all.

Imagine you are living in a “cage home”, a “flat” which can only let you sit and sleep, everyday you eat pot noodles for every meal, wear the same clothes and use the same towel without cleaning, how dirty is it! Besides, when you go to the street, people stand back from you because you are so dirty. The adults may point at you and tell the children to study hard so that they don’t need to live like you in the future. What is your feeling of these? Yes, it is another problem, discrimination.

Poverty is the excuse of discrimination. People are not actually care about the feelings of poor people. Definition of poverty Poverty means going short materially, socially and emotionally. It means spending less on food, on heating, and on clothing than someone on an average income. Above all, poverty takes away the tools to build the blocks for the future – your” life chance”. It steals away the opportunity to have a life unmarked by sickness, a decent education, secure home and a long retirement.

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