Hong Kong Housing Problems

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Nowadays , Housing Problem is very serious in Hong Kong .

Many people such as the elderly and the fresh graduates , most of them can’t have the flats for living and some need to live in the subdivided units . Our chief executive , Mr. CY Leung just announced his first policy address , in the housing aspects , he suggested that building more flats for the citizens . However , I think it’s only a long term solutions , the flats will be finished in 2018 , but the housing problem is a very urgent needs for the most citizens in Hong Kong .

These are the two main causes that lead to the housing problem in Hong Kong .The first causes of the housing problem is the rate of population growth increases, it lead to the rate of housing also increase . Also , the migrants from China or the entry of illegal immigrants further increased the population. And the next cause is high land rent. The price of the flats will increase and it’s difficult for the grassroot people to buy the flats .

And I think building more flats may cannot solve the problem in short

term . I suggest while building more flats , the government can set up a group of people to have a assessment of the subdivided units . It’s to avoid the illegal structures in the subdivided units , and try their best to give better living environment for the grassroot people to live until the new flat are built . Also , government can have some alterations on the abandoned buildings such as abandoned schools , maybe alternate them into living flats for short term .

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Some people can live in them until the new flats are built .

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Hong Kong Housing Problems
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