Honesty: Mother and Best Policy Essay

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Honesty: Mother and Best Policy

Honesty is the best policy. As children, we hear this old saying everywhere; from our parents and teachers. Although I was taught to be honest all my life, it was not until in form 2 when I finally realized the truth in this maxim. While sometimes I go back into my old behaviour, I try to be honest as much as I can. For me, honesty will always be the best policy. When I was 12 years old in form 2, I refused to do my homework. I felt that doing work outside the classroom was unnecessary and pointless and most importantly, I was lazy. But I did not want to get in trouble, so I lied to my teachers making up elaborate reasons about why I did not have my homework. After a week of putting up with my excuses, my teachers called home and informed my parents of this behaviour. When my parents questioned me, I lied about how my excuses were actually true and the rain did ruin my homework or I did leave my work at home.

I even went as far as wetting a piece of paper and making my homework look current to show to my parents as proof. When I got away with that, I felt so proud and clever that I wanted to see how far this can go. Of course at the time, I did not realize I was pushing my luck. Once my teachers did not notice a change in my behaviour, they planned a conference with my mom. In the days before the parent-teacher conference, I was terribly nervous. I considered telling my parents the truth many times, especially when my mom asked me the reason for the meeting, but I did not have the guts to tell her, so I lied some more and hoped for the best. On the afternoon of the conference, I saw my mother walk into the counselor’s office with the homework I revised, as I sat outside the door trying in vain to hear the conversation inside. While sitting there in quiet reflection, staring around the ornate office, I recognized the major mistakes I made.

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