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Take the deal, because Good for You can use Kraft to have a greater impact. d. Take the deal, because Good for You will see a profits increase. -Answer (c) Part Two – please answer the following discussion questions – You can also visit Honest Tea website http://www. honesttea. com/ for additional information. 6. Honest Tea President Seth Goldman calls social responsibility a “mission-driven business. ” What does he mean by this? -He means that the social responsibility is actually what they are trying to do (mission) and how well they are pursuing that goal.


In what ways does the Honest Tea brand claim to effect change? Are such goals too high for a drinks-related product? Or should all companies create similar platforms as part of their social responsibility? -By claiming to offer more organic products and wanting to expand into 100,000 outlets. I don’t think that there goals are too high since they were able to expand their product by accepting an investment from Coca-Cola to expand their production and distribution.

8. According to Goldman, what are the benefits of taking a company through Fair Trade certification? Fair Trade certification allowed people to identify Honest tea products as they meet agreed environmental, labour and developmental standards. 9. How effective and/or efficient Honest Tea’s methods are, and what methods you might imitate or disregard, should you start your own companies. -Honest tea were using glass bottles which was making them less fuel efficient to ship (disregard). -Offers better quality health-products for consumers (imitate). 10. Compare Honest Tea with Snapple Tea (Dr.

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Pepper Snapple Group), which corporation do you think is more socially responsible and why? (You can Google “Snapple CSR” for more information). -I think Honest tea is more socially responsible since they use all organic products compared to Snapple, which makes it a more healthier drinks for its consumers. Also, Honest Tea purchases peppermint leaves for its “First Nation Peppermint” ice tea from a woman-owned herb company on the Crow Indian reservation in Montana where the unemployment rate is as high as 67%.

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