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Honda Malaysia Essay

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Honda made its first foray into Malaysia in the 1960s, establishing Kah Motors Sdn Bhd as the distributor for its products. On 15 November 2000, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. of Japan cooperates with DRB-HICOM Berhad and Oriental Holdings Berhad, and then Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established. Since then, Honda Malaysia has been a strong and active player in the Malaysian automobile market. In 2003, the company set up a manufacturing plant in Malacca. Spread over 80 acres of land, the Pegoh Plant has a total built-up area of 13 acres and rolled out its first car, a CR-V, in January 2003 .

With this plant, not only is Honda Malaysia optimistic of achieving high sales every year, it has further strengthened Honda’s reputation in Malaysia. By 2010, over 225,000 cars had been managed to sell by Honda Malaysia. It also received the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditations because of its good Environment Management System and Quality Control. The slogan of Honda is “The Power of Dreams”, their aim is to change the dreams into reality.

One of their dream is making all cars as ‘green’ as the forest, and now they are achieving this slowly. The Honda Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system incorporates two power sources, producing a synergised technology to enhance driving performance and environmental protection. IMA system not only gives superb fuel efficiency, it helps to save the environment by cutting down on carbon dioxide discharges while enabling a sporty driving experience. With having this technology, Honda managed to reach another landmark in the Malaysian automobile. Honda’s hybrid model was first launched in December 2010. Its advanced technology and stylish designed had attracted people from making an order of 500 units within the first 10 days of launching. Advanced performance, futuristic designed, comfortable are the elements that Honda cars can always have high market share in the non national car segment. All Honda cars come with the i-VTEC engine, which is famous because of its perfect balance of high performance and fuel economy.

Honda Cars produce various models which are Civic, Civic Hybrid, City, Accord, CR-V, CR-Z, Freed, Insight, Jazz, Jazz Hybrid, Stream. These models are produced to fulfil various type of customer. As an example, Accord is more spacious, sporty, and powerful, it is mostly designed for men. City is more affordable and its size engine range is lower. While Freed can contain 6 peoples, it is more suitable for those who have big family. Safety also one of the most important element when Honda are developing cars. Honda insist of making cars with high levels of safety to ensure everyone can have a safe and pleasant journey whenever they go. Honda’s G-CON (G-Force Control) technology is developed to scatter and absorb impact energy, reducing injuries and significantly improving safety for everyone involved in an impact, be it the driver, passenger or the pedestrian.

VSA(Vehicle Stability Assist) technology keeps driver and passengers safe by keeping the vehicle stable and preventing skidding to avoid accidents. Honda established an indoor all-weather vehicle-to-vehicle crash test facility located at the Tochigi Research and Development Centre, Japan. The centre conducts a diverse range of crash test from a variety of directions and weathers, at varying speeds and vehicles of different sizes to better understand, design, and protect against real world collisions. It is also equipped with the technology to capture different viewpoints and scenarios of tests conducted.

Once the customer purchase car, Honda believes a lifelong relationship with the customer begins, so it is important for Honda to build an on-going relationship through high quality after-sales services. To provide optimal standard of sales and high quality after-sales service, Honda Malaysia offers the 3S – Sales, Service and Spare Parts facilities at 56 of the 59 Honda dealerships across Malaysia. The 3S concept is a constituent of Honda Malaysia’s policy of prioritising customer satisfaction while creating an enjoyable customer experience.

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