Homosexuality in Caribbean vs America Essay

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Homosexuality in Caribbean vs America

Trinidad & Tobago has a tropical climate influenced and modified by the surrounding sea and the trade winds. The climate is characterized by a dry season from January to May which is the best time to visit. The wet season is from June to December. The warmest month is July and the coolest is January. The wettest months are June through to November and average annual rainfall varies from 2,540mm to 3,810mm depending on the region. Average temperature ranges on the coast are from 24c to 26c all year.

The issue of homosexual has been a very controversial topic that has been a major argument. Homosexuals are human beings, male especially who prefer to have sex only with men like them. It is a sexual feeling between people who are of same sex. The issue of homosexuality in Trinidad and Tobago is conservative, but the country of over 1 million people has some pockets of homosexuals here and there. The gay scene is centered in the Port of Spain and there are at the time of writing three gay bars/nightclubs plus a number of mixed places.

Some of them get married but still get involve in homosexuality. In the Immigration Act, section 8 emphasis the fact about homosexual men and women, they are not allowed to enter the country also Section 13 of the Sexual Offences Act 1986 criminalizes “buggery”. This Section provides a penalty of up to life imprisonment, if committed on a minor; up to 10 years’ imprisonment if committed on an adult (18 years) by another adult; up to 5 years’ imprisonment if committed by a minor on an adult.

Section 16, relating to “serious indecency”, provides a penalty of up to 20 years’ imprisonment for homosexual acts between men and between women. The dust being raised by this debate of Homosexuality is much higher in America. There a various views concerning the issues called Homosexual. In some states in America, there has been legislation either upholding same sex marriage or not but the fact still remains that American stand indifferently when the issue of homosexual arises.

The states of Texas, Kentucky, and Michigan in 1990 repealed their laws outlawing homosexual practices. But by the year 2000, 28 states had legalized it but there are four team members. During the 1992 presidential campaign, homosexuality became an issue as never before in the nation’s history; Republicans opposed civil right statutes that mentioned sexual preference status as defining a protected minority. Democratic Bill Clinton and Al Gore represented the most pro –lesbian and pro gay ticket in history. This has been the indifferent feeling toward the issue of homosexual.

America is known as the father of modern democracy that allows for freedom of association, speech and freedom in all ramifications if I will not hurt their citizens. Coping with this has not really affected them in any way. They even reject the discrimination melted toward the homosexuals. There is no federal law banning anybody from becoming a gay, but in some state, gay has been rejected in its totality. The American people do believe that either you are a gay or not, you deserve the respect melted to others.

This has been their American culture. The feelings of these two different nations towards homosexuality are a very clear and obvious. The Americans have a way culture of accepting any things that comes their way as long as it does not hurt nor does it kill. The are liberals and goes for the general well good of all their citizens whosever the person might be. Although some organizations like Salvation Army which converse for the total abolishing of such same sex, other are not bothered by it.

In Trinidad and tornado, although they have not criminalized homosexuality, it is not an open affair likre the American. Even though it exists, it is usually done in secrets from the eyes of the public. According to their immigration laws and other laws a penalty has been set for breaching and entering their country if you are found to be a gay. This is unlike America which has relegated the powers of enforcing and punishment to the states to make, their reactions to the same sex marriage started from the American and we wonder why those who are more concerned does not have the history of its establishment.

In conclusion, the basic difference between these two countries is simply that the American s approach has been liberal and putting into cognizance human rights as citizens of America. On the other hand, the Trinidad approach has been more moralists. Their views about the homosexuals are critical, without putting into cognizance than they too have a right as a citizen and that they enjoy their right to privacy.

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