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Homicide Investigation Techniques


Murder examinations are started when there is a suspicious death, there is exact steps that need to be followed throughout a murder investigation. So that the case can be given court and prosecuted evidence is collected, suspects and witnesses are talked to. The law enforcement personnel that take part in a murder examination are individually trained to deal with and process evidence; this consists of security of the criminal activity scene and affirms in court.

Definitions of murders and murder

The 2 offenses that is classified, as homicide is murder and manslaughter; manslaughter is committed in one of 3 methods; eliminating another specific with intent, however where compliance such as loss of control, decreased responsibility, or dedicating suicide by method of a concordat.

Committing a criminal offense where a person is eliminated by gross negligence, gross provided the danger of death and behavior in the type of a prohibited act involving a threat that resulted in the death of another human.

Murder or murder is the illegal killing with malice and forethought of another human; this is typically considered a premeditated state of mind and different murder from manslaughter, due to the fact that the specific planned the murder with intention, (Osterburg, J.

W. & & Ward, R. H. 2010).

Criminal Activity Scene Evaluation

With the arrival of the very first police officer at a crime scene, there are strict procedurals guidelines. The first officer to reach a criminal activity scene attempts to apprehend anyone that might be a witness/suspect. It is the obligation of this officer to protect the criminal activity scene to keep the criminal offense scene from ending up being infected and the loss of evidence.

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With the arrival of the investigator that will take charge of the criminal activity scene, the officer will detail all info obtained from possible witness or suspects. The detective will record the criminal activity scene with photos, sketches, notes and even video of the evidence and surrounding area. After the walk through, the private investigator starts creating a theory of the crime concentrating on the progressions of occasions to consist of locations and positions of those present throughout the criminal offense. All evidence is collected and sect to the laboratory for analysis, (Osterburg, J. W. & & Ward, R. H 2010).

What is Victimology?

Victimology is the study of issues interjecting to the intensification in victim perceptibility, characteristics and elements, persecution and its influences, and victim’s reactions to persecution. Through this scientist studies physical, expressive and monetary harm people suffer because of unlawful activities. Victims are individuals that experience loss, injury or hardship because of a criminal act. Victimology uses subjective approach to identify, define and describe the problems associated with being a victim (Karmen 2012).


Even with the most publicized crimes in the history of the Unites States Criminal Justice System, police can arrest, but they investigate first. The investigators must find out the cause of and time of death. Investigators define a successful homicide investigation as the one where a perpetrator is pinpointed, indicted and convicted of the crime.

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