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Homeworks and Study Guides in English Essay

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I rolled myself, patting and searching for the alarm clock with my eyes closed. When I reached it, I turned it off and got myself up to get ready for school. I barged in the bathroom with my still sleepy eyes, washing my face as I put some toothpaste in my toothbrush. Brushing my teeth, I walked in my closet to choose some outfit. After five minutes of choosing, I throw the clothes at the bed then turned to take a bath. I relax myself as I feel the tingling sensation of hot water seducing my whole body. After fifteen minutes of showering, I finally rinsed and walked out of the shower room. Opening the drawer, I got my hair dryer and make-up. I blow my hair for ten minutes then I dressed-up. Glancing at the clock and seeing that I still have time, I decided to put some light make up.

After finishing my mascara, I took a step back, glancing at the mirror to take a full look at my outfit before going downstairs. Today was the first day of my senior year at Jacksonville Highschool. I was wearing a white tank top that showed my flat tummy and my piercing, a pink hollister shorts that showed my long tanned legs, and a high cut converse to finish the look. Fully contented with the outfit, I sighed, running my hands through my blonde hair as I walked out of the bathroom. I took my bag which was hanging at the side of my bed and stormed downstairs. When I finally get down, I went straight to the kitchen to grab my breakfast, which is apple and milk. Yay, the perks of being a vegetarian. I found my dad sitting peacefully with a newspaper in his hands, his eyebrows are scrunching. “Good morning dad” I greeted him, munching my apple.

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He didn’t greet me back because he was too preoccupied with the article he’s reading. I frowned and stop to look at the front page, which read “Boston Bombing”. Oh yeah, the latest news. I rolled my eyes, gulping my fresh milk. After I finished my breakfast, I got up, walking outside to find my mom in the garden watering her so-called “little daughters”. “Hey mom”

“Good morning, honey. Have you eaten your breakfast?” “Yup, I’m finished. So where’s Anna?” I asked, looking around. Annabelle Jacobs is my best friend. She always picks me up in the morning so that we could go to school together. “Oh, she texted me this morning, she says she’ll be 5 minutes late” I rolled my eyes. I know exactly why she’s late. She always have those lame excuses telling me that her toothbrush got lost, she run out of panties, the flush won’t work, the rats ate her clothes etc. I shook my head at the sudden thought.

“Okay mom.” I kissed her in the cheek. “I’ll just check on Simon first” Simon is the love of my life. He’s a puppy actually, but whatever. I run at the back, finding my shih tzu stiffing some flowers. “Heeeeeeeey Simooooon” I cooed in a sweet, girly girl voice while picking him up. I spin him around giggling while his licking my face. Gross I know. After a minute of playing around, I heard Anna’s car pulled up so I put him down and kissed him goodbye. I ran back inside to say one last goodbye to my parents then i ran towards the car as fast as I can. “Samantha!!!” Anna shouted when I got inside.

I smiled at her. “Hey there! What’s up?”  “Do I look like I’ve lose some weight?” She immediately respond. I burst out laughing then I looked at her figure up and down. Annabelle, well Anna, look a lot like me. We have the same weight and height. We’re also popular in a way, but we didn’t like being the center of attention so we stay low. The only difference we have is our hair. She has brown hair while me, well I’m blonde. “Ugh, you have a perfect figure. Why do you have to work your butt out? And yes, you’ve lost some fats” “Really? Yay!” She screeched. “You see, I need to work out because I’m planning to eat a whole box of pizza later” She added. I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, right. So, what’s the plan?”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe we should go shopping after school. You’ve got your credit card in you, right? She asked. “Uh yeah, sure. Meet me at my locker around four” I said, finishing the conversation. She parked the car then we walked together inside the school grounds. We made our way to our lockers since our lockers are right next to each other. I opened mine to get my history textbook, -since it’s my first class- switching it with my english.

Closing my locker, I said goodbye to Anna, telling her to see me at lunch because we don’t have the same schedule for the first four classes. We waved goodbye to each other and started walking the opposite way. After a minute of walking and goofing around, I’m finally face to face with the door that leads to my first class. I took a deep breath before opening it. Just as I was turning the door knob, a boy passed quickly to get inside first, causing me to fall backwards with the rest of my stuff. “What the hell” I said in a low voice.

I heard him groan in an annoyed voice, then he started walking back towards me, closing the door in the process. “Hey, no need to swear neighbor” Then it hit me. I looked up, wide eyes to see my oh-so-handsome neighbor aka the most popular boy in school, Spencer Young. You see, I’ve known him since we were young. Our mothers, both Filipina, were married to some Canadian which means we’re half filipino, half american. I also know a lot about him since our bedroom are next- well, let’s just say parallel to each other.

I know that he loves switchfoot, the script and matchbox twenty because his room are full of their posters. I also know his favorite book, food and stuffs. And also when I was 14, in my sophomore year, I used to have a little crush on him ever since the first time I saw him half naked walking around his room. But that was freaking before. I got myself up, thinking of shouting at him for his rude manners. But before I do that, he spoke first. “Sorry about that” He said, pinching both of my cheeks.

I was thinking of pushing him back. But I sighed, realizing that we’re already late in class. Instead, I rolled my eyes, ignoring him as I made my way inside the classroom. When we walked inside, the class went full silent at first. Then, they started whispering to each other, probably wondering why their “Queen Bee” and “Mr. Popular” are together. Yay, perks of being a popular student.

“Mind explaining to me why you’re both 5 minutes late, Ms. Reynolds and Mr. Young?” Our professor, Mr. Lantican asked. Wow. I didn’t realize it took that long outside. Spencer speaks first. “Well sir, w-we bumped into each other a-at the hallway” He stuttered. “And it took 5 minutes? Well done, kids. And good job at lying. Now, as your punishment, I want you both to stay here after class and go straight to the detention room to-” “WHAT?!” I shouted, startling the whole class. I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. This is my first time to get a detention and I know for a fact that I didn’t deserve it. “No offense sir, but I’m a straight A student and this will greatly affect my grades.” I stopped, catching my breath. “And just so you know, I have a scheduled meeting with-” I stopped, realizing that i’m pushing the limits. “Never mind” I gave up, finding the way to my seat.

Yeah, detention at the very first day of my senior high. Great right? –
Spencer’s POV
I stare at her from a good distance. She sits at the front row with some geeky nerds while me, well, I’m at the far left side of the back with Blake Morgan and Nathan Brooks, my bestfriends. I felt really bad that I bumped her earlier. The detention will surely drive her crazy, and it was all because of me. She always makes sure to get perfect A’s, which I couldn’t understand. It’s like she’s going to die if she gets B or lower. I look up at her again memorizing her perfect back features, hoping that I wouldn’t get caught, but i was wrong. “HOLYSHITBALLS” Blake and Nathan both hissed.

“WHAT?” I said, wincing and rubbing my ears.
“We can tell it dude” This time, it’s just Blake who spoke.
“Ugh. What is it, again?”
“You like her right? I mean, Samantha Reynolds” Nathan spat. “WHAT?! Oh no, you’re seeing it wrong man.” I spat back.

“Okaaaaaaaaaay, whatever you saaaaay maaaaan” They both sang in a girly voice. I rolled my eyes. It was a misunderstanding. I, Spencer Young, will never stoop that low. Sure, she’s rich, sexy, gorgeous or to make it short, she’s miss perfect. But she’s not really my type. I don’t know though, because in some way, I find her actions weird and cute. My room is facing hers and I can see all of her actions or whatever. Her room is very neat and she always make sure that all her things are in place. She also has a very strict schedule of sleeping, waking up, exercising and eating.

Not that I’m stalking her, of course. Anyway, I really don’t understand her. I feel like she’s hiding something even from her next-miss perfect bestfriend, Annabelle Jacobs. And that’s what I’m going to find out. Finally, the bell rang signaling us to our next class. I stand up, eagerly wanting to get the hell out of here before our beloved old teacher call up to me. But then again, I was wrong. “Mr. Young and Ms. Reynolds can I have a word with you two?” Mr. Lantican asked. I groaned mentally, turning back to face his old crooked face. I saw Samantha glaring at me. Man, was she sexy. I shot her an apologetic look before walking towards Mr. Lantican. “Yes, Mr. Lantican?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

He took a deep breath before answering “I want the two of you to be at the detention room at exactly four. Have I made myself clear?” “Yes sir” We both said.
“Okay, the two of you may go now” He finally dismissed us.
“Thank you, sir.” I said lastly to him then I got out of the classroom. Just as I started to make my way upstairs to my next class, I saw Sam alone leaning at one of the bars, smiling at me. Confused, I made my way to her. “What’s with the smiling, Sammy?” I asked.

“Thank you, Spence” She suddenly said.
I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. What was that? A while ago, she was throwing fires at me by the way she glares. And now? Man, was she bipolar? “Fo-for what?” I manage to say.
“I’ve said enough, Spence. I just want you to know that I’m very happy that you save me” She look at me gratefully then suddenly, she kissed my cheek, then left. I was pretty sure that my jaw hit the ground.

Samantha’s POV
In chemistry, which is my third class, I loiter towards the back of the room, waiting for everybody to file in their seats. Mr. Maruso has this rule that whoever you choose to sit with on the first day of class, becomes your lab partner for the entire year. Needless to say, seat selection is definitely critical.

Since the sciences aren’t really my thing, I search around for someone who I think might do well with the laboratory stuffs. I must’ve been busy daydreaming; thinking about what happened earlier because when i look up, they are all paired up. Which leaves me standing awkwardly at the back with my books. Embarrassed, I scan the room until I spotted two empty chairs in front. I made my way there and I can see that my “suppose-to-be-partner” isn’t there. I wonder if he or she is just late or absent. I sighed heavily, praying in every god that he or she better have some brains or else I’ll be doomed. Five minutes later, Mr. Maruso’s disscussion of ‘safety precautions’ and ‘proper handling of equipments’ was interrupted by a student who just barged in through the room. I turn around to look at my “partner” which is….. OH BLOODYHELL is that Spencer?

Oh great. I forgot that we also have the same class. But really, this can’t be happening. It will be too friggin’ awkward to have him as my partner. Not to mention, FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. You see, the moment I kissed him earlier, I immediately regret it. I was also shocked. I didn’t know what comes through my mind or what made me do that I REALLY DON’T KNOW. I guess I was just so grateful from the fact that he saved me from the ‘shopping plan’ Annabelle and I were going to have. Shoping isn’t really my thing.

Especially with Annabelle. I brought all my clothes, shoes and bags online. And Anna, being Anna, you won’t like it. She was sooo shopaholic. She buys all the possible clothes and shoes she can get. One time, she runs out of money and i’m forced to let her use my credit card. Not that I’m selfish, of course. It’s just that I’m saving some of my money for my own car. Nobody knows about that except Simon. Shaking my thoughts, I look at Spencer again only to find him talking to Mr. Maruso. He was probably saying some crappy excuses or whatsoever. I saw them nodded in agreement then Spencer turned around to look for some seat. Our eyes met as he spotted the empty seat beside me. Oh bloody great. He raised his eyebrows at me, doing his famous smirk that showed his dimples. How cute. He made his way to his chair.

“Hey partner, Sammy”
I rolled my eyes. “Don’t call me that. It sounds gayish”
He laughs in a carefree way “So does Spence”
I tried to hide my smile but I couldn’t. Minutes passed and we stopped talking to scribble some notes that our professor told us to copy. As I was writing, I notice him looking down at me whilst playing with my hair. How romantic. I stopped writing. “What?!” I asked. A little annoyed.

“Nothing. I was just wondering why little miss perfect is bipolar” He said coolly. I gritted my teeth. “First, I’m not little. We have exactly the same height. And second, I’m not bipolar” He raised an eyebrow “Oh really? I thought-“

He was interrupted by a girl. We both turned our heads to see who may that be. Unsurprisingly, it’s Lilly Thompson, one of the oh-so-popular girls. “What do you want, Lilly?” I asked. This time I was really annoyed. How dare she interrupt us? “You’re flirting with my boyfriend” She hissed, faking smile. My eyes went wide and I look at Spencer. He too, has the same expression as me. Will someone please tell me what the heck is happening?

“Pardon me? I don’t even know you” Spencer spat.
I turned to look at Lilly, who was faking hurt.
“What do you mean? We chatted on facebook last week and you ask me to be your girlfriend. Don’t you remember?” She asked in a flirtatious way. Someone give me a bucket Spencer raised an eyebrow. “Well, that isn’t me. Nathan and Blake knows my password. They’re the ones who probably ask you out. Besides, I haven’t open my account for ages. You should go and ask them.” He sighed. Lilly was close to tears. “So you mean, I don’t stand a chance to be with you?” She said in a weak voice. This time I interrupted.

“You slut, will you please cut the act? Just look at him. This-” I gestured at spencer’s body. “-is the definition of perfect. And you? You’re just a whore who has nothing to do but to seek attention.” I finished. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Spencer smiling at me. I ignore him as I gave Lilly the death glare. But this time, she looked angry as hulk “You bitch!” She shouted, causing some students to look at the three of us. “Is there a problem?” Mr. Maruso asked.

I turned to answer him

“Oh yeah, there’s a snake wandering around here. Poor snake, SHE probably doesn’t know where she belongs.” I fake crying, causing the whole class to errupt in laughter. I smiled proudly to myself. Good job, Samantha! At that moment, the bell finally rang. Talk about being saved by the bell. I quickly grab my things, said a quick goodbye to Spencer, then I hurried to the door to meet Annabelle at the cafeteria. When I got there, everyone at the school had already heard about the confrontation.

Yeah, news travels fast in Jacksonville Highschool. I saw Anna already buying her lunch so I catch up next to her in line. “Yo anna” I said while putting a carbonara, salad and a boxed milk at my tray. “Hey there, Sam. Soooo, fighting with Lilly huh?” She asked, waggling her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes. “She made me do it” I said, finishing the conversation. After paying the bill, we made our way to our table which is located at the far side of the cafeteria. Our table is the circle one with the four silver chairs. Actually, it’s just the three of us who sits there. Me, Annabelle and our boy-bestfriend, Max Carter. We found him already sitted, stuffing sandwich in his mouth. When he notice us, he greeted us with a smile. “Yo girls! So how’s the two queen coping up?” He asked.

Anna raised her eyebrows ” Coping up? Haha, we’re fine.”
“As always” I added, winking at him.

Time passed and we’re already finished with our lunch. Max started telling us some jokes which cause Anna and I to laugh hysterically. That is until Spencer Young decided to come at our table to remind me of the detention. “I know” I said, giving him the death glare and signaling for him to leave before I pull out both of his mighty eyeballs. Thankfully, he obeyed and left.

Slowly and carefully, I turn to face the now angry Anna who was looking at me with an intense glare. “I-i’m sorry, anna” I stuttered. I was looking at the floor, twiddling my fingers. I was waiting for her to shout at me but instead, she put an arm around my shoulder, looking worried. “What happened?” She asked. “You know that this is your first time getting a detention right?” I nodded. “Well, Spencer and I were late and Mr. Lantican got mad” I explained. “This is unfair” She said. “What about our shopping?”She raised an eyebrow. Great. I really expected that.

I was thinking of shouting at her, telling her that she has so many freaking goddamn clothes. But instead, i come up with an idea. “Well, Max will be honored to accompany you” I said, smirking at Max. Max widened his eyes in horror.

“I AM NOT GOING NEAR THE VICTORIA’S SECRET!” He shouted dramatically causing all of us to laugh again. “I guess we’ll just go shopping on friday night then” Anna said. I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, sure.”

NOTE: On friday, make sure to forget my credit card at home.

Spencer’s POV

After lunch, i made my way to the locker room to change for the basketball practice. I flicked the combination to my locker and opened it. Just as I was grabbing my clothes, Blake came up behind me. “Spencer! You ready?” He asked.

“Yeah, give me a second to change” I said, going inside the comfort room. Seconds later, I got out of the comfort room, completely dressed. I grab a bottle of cold water and started gulping. I need to stay hydrated. “So, do you like her too?” Blake suddenly asked.

I scrunched my eyebrow in confusion. “What are you talking about, man? “Are the two of you going out now? He asked again, ignoring my question. I glared at him. “Who exactly are we talking about, blake?” I spat. “Uh, Lilly Thompson.” He said nervously.

Huh? Who is Lilly and why are we talking about her? I don’t care about her, duh. Then it hit me.
“YOU!” I shouted. “It was you who chatted her!”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry, man. It’s just that-” “Let me guess” I interrupt him. “You like her. Am I right?” He nodded. “Yeah. I really liked her since we were sophomore. I know a lot about her and i know that she likes you so much. That’s the reason i used your account without permission. To be able to talk and ask her out” He finished. I sighed. “I forgive you, man. But i won’t trust you anymore. I’m going to change my password the moment i got home.” I joked, then i continue. “You shouldn’t be ashamed to ask her out, Blake. I’m sure she’ll like you” I said, finishing the conversation. “Thanks, man” He said, punching my arm lightly.

We made our way to the court where Nathan was. We saw him sitting and waiting impatiently, spinning a ball in his thumb. When he saw us, he shouted. “You two! What took you so long?” He asked in an annoyed voice. I faked sigh. “Sorry, nate. We can’t take it anymore.” I replied, smiling flirtatiously to Blake. Blake just laughed while Nathan, realizing what i’m talking about, gave us a dirty look. “You’re both disgusting” He said.

“But you love us” I cooed, patting his shoulders. “Come on, let’s play” Somehow, we managed to play smoothly for one and a half hour. When were finished, the three of us jogged our way back to the shower room, dying for a cold shower. When we’re finished with our cold showers, we separate ways to go to our last class. I check my schedule to find out what class am i having. French. Oh oui, mon sujet favori!

Just as i was making my way, i remember something. Something that i’ve been dreading to know. I turn around, running downstairs to catch up with Blake. I saw him making his way to the registrar’s office. “Blake!” I shouted.

He turned around. “Huh?” He asked, confused.
I ran towards him. “I have a question” I said, panting.
He laughed. “Is it that important that you have to-”
“Why Lilly?” I interrupted.
He looked at me, startled. “What do you mean, man?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. I sighed. “What made you like her?” I asked again.

He just look at me blankly for a couple of seconds. Finally, after realizing what i meant, he let a huge sigh of relief. “Okay, fine. You see spencer, you wouldn’t just want to know the outside, aren’t you?” He asked and I nodded. Then he continue. “Think about it. For you to know the person completely, you have to also see the inner beauty. For every person in this world, there’s a reason why they’re like that. There’s a reason behind why their attitudes and personalities are like that. That’s why we should not judge first.”

He said, looking at me sadly. “You know, I always thought that Lilly will be always like that. People keep saying that she’s a bitch, a slut, a whore, an attention seeker but you know what, spencer? In my eyes, i see her differently. The minute i saw her at the orphanage playing with the little kids, man, i was lovestruck. I didn’t expect that, especially from a Lilly Thompson. She’s a type of girl who would change her attitude so that people will not recognize her nor to be able to see through her. That’s what made me like her, spencer.” He finished, smiling mostly to himself. I was pretty sure that there were tears forming in my eyes. Gayish i know. “I, uh- thanks a lot, blake. And, good luck.” I stuttered, patting his back. “No worries” He shrugged.

I checked my watch. Three minutes till the last bell.
“Uh, spencer?” Blake called.
“Always remember, don’t judge the book by it’s cover. And, if you like someone, learn to love her flaws first.” He finished, then he left. Samantha’s POV
I stared at the clock, counting the time in my head.
Shoot. I got up as fast as I could then hurried my way towards the door then down the stairs. Great, I thought to myself.
It’s just a detention, Sam. Calm down.
It’s just a detention….
just a detention…
Just a fuc-
“SAM!” Someone shouted, taking me into realization. I stopped in my tracks to find whoever who was calling me. I saw Spencer waving at me frantically, gesturing the way to the detention room. Right.

What the hell am I thinking and why am I walking the other way?! I shrieked, thinking to myself. I made my way to Spencer who was now laughing like there’s no tomorrow. Embarrassed, I tried to cover up. “Why are you laughing?” I asked, faking innocence.

He stifled some laugh. “You looked a little.. lost. Do you really study here? Why are you walking the other way? You do know that the detention room is here, right? He asked, pointing to the room. “Who said that I was going there first?” I asked, keeping my face blank. “Where were you going, then?” He asked, challenging me.

“To the ladies room” I said confidently, hoping he’d buy it this time. He just stared at my blankly.
Then he started laughing.
Harder and louder this time.

“Samantha! HAHAHAHAHA! You’re f-fucking hi-hilarious! The la-dies room i-is upsta-irs!” He manage to say between laughs. My mouth formed a small ‘o’ as I realize that he was right. I was left utterly speechless and really embarrassed. I can feel my cheeks turning bright red. I look up at him and he’s still laughing. This time, with no noise coming out. “Are you done making fun of me?” I asked, raising my eyebrow. He finally stopped laughing, clutching his hard-abs stomach as he spoke. “Yeah. You didn’t tell me you’re a good comedian, Sam.” I rolled my eyes. “I know right? It’s one of my hidden talents.” “Absolutely right. By giving me a good laugh everyday, I won’t have to work out anymore.” He waggled his eyebrows at me. I smiled. This man surely made my day. Who would have thought that Mr. Spencer Young is like that?

Maybe, if we hang out a long time ago, we would be bestfriends by now. And did I mention that he looked hot in his outfit? From v-neck to skinny jeans, perfect. “Are you done checking me out?” He asked, gesturing to his body. I rolled my eyes and started walking towards the detention room, worry and nervous free. As we walked inside, we realized that we’re not the only ones who got detention. We saw a girl and a boy -probably freshman- lurking around the room waiting for Mr. Lantican. At last, he came inside, holding a cup of coffee and a large notebook in his hands. We all stand up to greet him. “Good afternoon, sir.”

“Good afternoon, kids.” He replied. “Now, I will group and assign you all to your works” He said, looking and flipping through the notebook. “Let’s see… Luke and Miley… both of you will be at the movie room to fix all the cd’s and equipments” He finally said. The two student nodded, then left. “As for you two…-” He said, looking at us intensely. “-I’ll be assigning you to the library to fix and rearrange some books. You may now proceed” He finished, then left. I made my way to the library with Spencer, eager to finish the task. We stormed downstairs, taking a left to the library. When I opened the door, we were surprised on how messy it was. You’ve got to be kidding me. We can’t finish this in one hour “What happened here?” Spencer asked.

“I don’t know” I said, stretching. “Let’s get working.”
*After one hour*

“Woooooh!” I shouted, wiping my head with the back of my hand. We’ve been cleaning for an hour, throwing and stacking some books here and there. Spencer isn’t much of a help though. While I was working my butt out, rearranging some books, he thought it would be fun to just sit there and draw some silly faces on the book covers. But somehow, thankfully, we’ve managed to clean the library. When we’re contented with our work, we turned the lights off then we headed out of the school. “Uh, Spencer? I asked, realizing something.

“Yeah?” He replied whilst looking at his watch.
“I-uh, would you give me a lift? I mean, Anna is usually the-” “No problem, milady” He interrupted.
I smiled at him. “Thanks.”
As I got up to his car -which is a grey Porsche carrera gt- I pulled out my phone and saw that I have two messages coming from Anna and mom. I opened mom’s first: ‘Honey, where are you? You didn’t tell me you’re going to be late’ I immediately hit the reply button:

‘Sorry, mom. Just got detention. I’ll explain it to you later, love you.’ After sending, I read Anna’s message:
‘How’s detention with Mr. Young? ;)’
I smiled, typing:

‘We’ve been asked to clean the library. I hate to admit it, but it’s fun. Never thought Mr. Young has a great sense of humor ;)’ I hit the send button then I put my phone back in my pocket. Minutes passed and I started to feel some ‘awkwardness’ so I decided to play some music. I reached for the Switchfoot album, then pushed the CD inside. I stared at the window just as while “You” was playing. Great. I look like an emo There’s always something in the way…

There’s always something getting through…
But it’s not me, it’s you…
At exactly 6:00 pm, Spencer pulled up in front of my house. I thanked him and waved goodbye, then he left. I sighed heavily, thinking of the very tiring day. I pushed myself to the door and I walked inside. “Moooom?” I shouted, looking for her.

“At the kitchen!” She shouted back.

I made my way to the kitchen, dropping my bag at the bottom of the stairs as I walked by. “MOM!-” I immediately talk. “-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be late in class, I swear it won’t happen again and I just want you to know that I’ll still be getting straight A’s and also-” “Samantha! Calm down! We’re not mad, okay?” She interrupted. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. “Huh? Why are you not mad? You’re supposed to be shouting at me for letting you down.” I said in a weak voice, tears starting to fall. “Shhh, Samantha. Don’t ever think about that. Actually, your dad and I were happy that it happened. You’re experiencing the things you’ve never experience before. We’re so proud of you, honey.” I stopped crying then I studied her face. Was she serious?

Things that I’ve never done before? That would be parties, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and… sex. I stared at her in horror. “Sam, are you okay?” Mom asked, waving a hand to my face. She must have noticed that i’m not breathing. I came back into realization. “Uh yeah, mom. I’m just.. tired. I should go up and change now” I said, kissing her cheeks. I walked pass the dining room, grabbing a banana to calm myself down. I picked up my bag and jogged my way upstairs. Just as I was about to walk inside my room, my father appeared in the hallway “Your mom’s right, Sam. You should live your life the way you wanted.” He said, holding back tears. I just nodded then I locked myself inside the room.

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