Homework's Impact on Students: Positives and Negatives

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Since the awareness of education has been raising among people in the society, the school's system has been changed the measure to deal with how to teach their students more effectively into many practical ways. One of those interesting methods is to give as much homework as possible to students in an order to develop their potential and also gain more knowledge. Most families believe that their children should be trained by the school's teachers and also the homework given at the same time.

These two elements, teachers and homework, will cooperatively lead their children achieving to their dream and successful life faster. So, parents send their beloved to school to learn with teachers and get some homework as the trainers after learning.

It seems to be going pretty well, but unfortunately, the misconception about the homework given is happening. The children nowadays are seriously encountering with the large amount of homework after getting back to their home which is the place they are supposed to free themselves and enjoy their favorite activities.

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The homework, which everyone thinks that it would directly cause many benefits to students themselves, is also proved to be the unconscious cause of broader negative impacts to a lot of learners in the school if it were given with an extra quantity. The first negative feedback caused by doing homework is found in terms of health issues which are included both stress and sleep deprivation. Moreover, the conflicts within family are another result of an excessive homework which most people have never taken into account before.

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Furthermore, the last unsurprising problem affecting directly to the children is about the lack of time to develop relationship with others and learn other essential skills to survive in the real life.

The amount of homework can create myriad negative impacts than what the students really gain During the period of childhood to adolescence, it is the time when almost everyone has got the strongest body and seems to never run out of an energy. However, the student's childhood in the present time will not be the same anymore. According to the Stanford research, the researchers have surveyed and collected the data from 4,371 participated students about the attitude toward their homework given. The result shows the surprising fact that homework is directly associated with some health issues which should not be seriously happened in this period of growing-up process. To elaborate, homework causes of the greater stress among students nowadays.

The more homework has been given, the greater stress has been increasing. The majority of participants say that the homework is a primary source of stress and there is only one percent agreeing that homework is not the stressor. Most students spend time over 3 hours per night on average to do homework, and sometime those students are needed to stay up late over midnight to finish a big load of homework given. The stress occurs because their life balance is intervened by a ton of assignments with an unappropriated portion between time and quantity. As the result, when the amount of homework and time are irrelevant, the next step of problem apart from tension, coming after is about sleep deprivation.

In general, sleep deprivation is the state of not having enough sleep at night, which directly affects the brain and cognitive functions. Craig Canapari MD (a pediatrician at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital in New Haven, CT, specializing in the care of children with breathing and sleep problems) says that the main cause of problem is about the irrelation between the big load of homework and early school starting time. The researcher has recently found that some elementary school students has been being recommended homework three times per day. These homework have become the serious stressor among students and also led them to sleep deprivation whenever they cannot finish homework in time before going to school.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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Homework's Impact on Students: Positives and Negatives essay
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