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Homework Report Template


In this section, provide a brief introduction to your lemonade stand to provide a potential investor with necessary background material. Your introduction should indicate your subject or purpose and why it is important. You might summarize some of the main points you identified in Part I of this assignment.


In Part I, you decided part of the brand when you developed your pricing strategy. Continue with the other parts of the marketing mix (place, promotion, and product), and discuss how the lemonade stand should be branded utilizing this marketing mix in this section. Draw upon Chapter 13 to support your points, and compose your response in complete sentences with APA citations where applicable. For this section and all sections in which research is incorporated, please keep the following in mind: An in-text citation uses the following format: (Author’s last name, year). It should appear at the end of the sentence in which information gathered from your text appears. Be sure to place quotation marks around any material that comes word for word from your source. When directly quoting, you must also include the page number in your in-text citation: (Author’s last name, year, p. #). Here is an example: (Williams & Tollet, 2008, p. 49).


Your stand in your neighborhood has been very successful and you are considering expanding operations. In doing so, you will need to outline some criteria for potential new locations in this section. Reference Chapter 15 for support, and compose your response in complete sentences with APA citations where applicable.


You have a $ 10,000 budget to promote your stand in the local community. Please outline two or three ways you could promote this business (please include costs involved in these promotions) in this section. Reference Chapter 16 for support and compose your response in complete sentences with APA citations where applicable.


You have hired several people to run your lemonade stand, because you simply are too involved in the strategic aspects of the business. As such, you have seen sales drop. Discuss some ways you can motivate your employees to improve sales in this section. Reference Chapter 10 for support, and compose your response in complete sentences with APA citations where applicable.


The conclusion brings all of the report components together and briefly reiterates your purpose and key takeaways. This final section is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression with the investor and ensure your report conveys the message you intended.


Your reference page should list full references of any sources used in the business report. Please list them in alphabetical order and follow APA guidelines for formatting. The format for a book with multiple editions (such as your textbook) appears as follows. First author’s last name, First initial. & Second author’s last name, First initial. (publication year). Title of book in italics (edition number). Publishing city, state: Publisher name. Example

Williams, R., & Tollet, J. (2008). The non-designer’s web book (3rd ed.). Berkeley, CA: Peachpit.

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